Verizon’s online video service not outside U.S.

It seems that everyone wants in on the online video service, as they have become so much more popular since the age of the smartphone. Next to register its interest is Verizon, as the carrier is expected to launch its own video service later this year.

As expected, this service will not be available outside the U.S., which might not go down well with Verizon customers that are on their travels. The company is not actually coming up with its very own standalone video service, but rather one that uses Awesomeness TV.

Verizon's online video service

Verizon will also work alongside DreamWorks Animation to come up with 200 hours of original content per annum. This is said to include scripted and unscripted content and will be focused more towards families.

Not much else is known about this deal, but we can tell you that Awesomeness TV currently has 112 million subscribers, and so it has a huge amount of expirence to call upon when working alongside Verizon to bring new content.

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