Unlock GTA V Online Heists cars, vehicles for free

Now that the dust has settled on the fantastic GTA Online Heists launch, we wanted to give you a heads-up on a nifty little trick that we spotted, essentially allowing you to unlock GTA Online Heists cars, bikes, planes and jets for free.

These new cars and vehicles are expensive to buy of course, not to mention you have to go through and complete the various missions to actually unlock GTA Online Heists cars before you can buy them.

Now, we have a way in which you can test the new vehicles for free. We’re not sure if you already know, but you can go into Creator mode and set up a new Capture Mission and place down all of the new Heists vehicles – as many as you want.

This includes the $3 million Hydra Jet and also the $2,850,000 Valkyrie Chopper as well. Not to mention all of the other cars too such as the Armored Karin Kuruma.


Using this method will allow you to test any of these vehicles and potentially save you hours of grinding out the missions if you decide that a particular vehicle is not worth the time spent unlocking – or obviously not worth the money either.

We’ve added a short video below explaining this in more detail. For those looking for how to unlock the GTA V Heists cars and vehicles for free – this is the next best thing.

Try it out now and let us know how you get on. It works in single-player mode too, but if you do it in GTA Online, you can obviously bring your friends into your mission as well which is great.



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