Sony explains why PS4 Online Notifications, DLNA missing

We have some fresh information for you now, for those PS4 owners who are desperately needing an explanation as to why the PS4 still does not have DLNA and online / offline notification features.

These two features were standard features on PS3 and it is this aspect that has made PS4 users frustrated, as we continue to see new PS4 updates without these two features on board.

Now, we can bring you some new information as Sony’s Director of Product Planning & Software Innovation Scott McCarthy has given the reason why we haven’t seen it yet.

When talking about the upcoming PS4 2.50 update features, McCarthy replied to a user who asked about the two above missing features.


His response was a good one: Sony are simply taking their time on DLNA and online/offline friends notifications for PS4 as they want to build the features from the ground-up and not ‘copy and paste’ them over from PS3.

As a result, this will take time to implement and McCarthy told fans to ‘stay tuned’ with regards to both features. We know that these outstanding features will definitely arrive, so really it is just a case of being patient.

In the meantime, PS4 Suspend and Resume should be a nice way to keep you busy until Sony are ready to roll out DLNA and online / offline friend notifications.

What are your thoughts on Sony’s official response to this – are you satisfied?



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