Sony explains why PS4 Online Notifications, DLNA missing

By Alan Ng - Mar 12, 2015

We have some fresh information for you now, for those PS4 owners who are desperately needing an explanation as to why the PS4 still does not have DLNA and online / offline notification features.

These two features were standard features on PS3 and it is this aspect that has made PS4 users frustrated, as we continue to see new PS4 updates without these two features on board.

Now, we can bring you some new information as Sony’s Director of Product Planning & Software Innovation Scott McCarthy has given the reason why we haven’t seen it yet.

When talking about the upcoming PS4 2.50 update features, McCarthy replied to a user who asked about the two above missing features.


His response was a good one: Sony are simply taking their time on DLNA and online/offline friends notifications for PS4 as they want to build the features from the ground-up and not ‘copy and paste’ them over from PS3.

As a result, this will take time to implement and McCarthy told fans to ‘stay tuned’ with regards to both features. We know that these outstanding features will definitely arrive, so really it is just a case of being patient.

In the meantime, PS4 Suspend and Resume should be a nice way to keep you busy until Sony are ready to roll out DLNA and online / offline friend notifications.

What are your thoughts on Sony’s official response to this – are you satisfied?

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  • Rhett Austin

    Nearly a year after this “article” was posted, and over two years since the PS4 was launched, and over 7 years since they started development of the PS4, and over 9 years since these features have been and continue to be available on the PS3 and still nothing.

    Sony’s official response is as ridiculous as this article was at trying to spin this issue as a none issue.

  • Baruck obuma

    Still nothing

  • Technocality

    But how can it take them almost 2 years to design such simple features???? I love PS4 and my Vita but i just don’t get why Sony are so retarded sometimes, they can’t even figure out how to implement basic features and services!!! Like why we still can’t change our PSN name when it’s something, Xbox let’s you do… SONY, PLEASE STOP BEING SO DUMB AND PULL YOUR FINGERS OUT OF YOUR ASSES!!!

  • lukas

    wtf??? copy and paste from ps3?? this is crazy those features should be at launch im okay for DLNA support but friends notification??? its 2015 next gen console PS4 can play next gen games Share Play them all these good stuff but offline/online status dont have?? sony sony wake up

  • bon

    Fetures i dont vare about. Rather they bring more useful fetures.

  • john doe

    not good enough. This should have been implemented at launch or soon after! NOT YEARS later!

    • bon

      O stfu kid.
      ur paying to play next gen not for stuip feturtures.i want dosnt get.
      only much they can programme at once .

      • hfjdj

        Youre the dumbest person I’ve seen online in a long time. It’s not unreasonable to think that something as simple as dlna should be included by default.

        • bon

          Er says u . U ovs have. O business sense or just work at mcd. First why should ot be included in as default when is a GAMING CONSOLE.there a reason why ps4 doing so well agains xbox.

          They cant just download an app then include or copy code. They have to write pages and pages of code from strach test it and rewrite.

          Sony priority are gaming fetures and fetures they announced at beginning! If u want stream your Pirate of spongbob then use the Plex app,webbrower app or use different device!

        • dumb-bon

          I could respond, but your obvious lack of education would show it to be a complete and utter waste of time.

        • Roy Mepham

          Don’t feed the trolls!!

        • Bristol Will

          Before you start telling people to ‘stfu’, maybe you should first:
          A) Learn to spell correctly
          B) learn how to construct a sentence correctly
          C) Develop a coherent argument before launching into obscenities as your opening gambit. Such an approach makes you read as ignorant and ill-educated.
          Now stfu!

        • Let’s not say stfu and insult spelling people.

          Anyway there is some truth to what he says in that their priorities are around gaming at launch and media streaming maybe fell by the wayside. They can arguably be supplemented by third party apps. I am using plex. Is there a DLNA client?

          The lack of friend notification is so annoying. My friends have to schedule sessions or constantly ask if anyone is logging on. It’d be better if it was more spontaneous.