2K Servers down with NBA 2K15 maintenance

By Alan Ng - Mar 12, 2015

We can see that the 2K servers are down on March 12 for gamers in the USA and UK. Looking deeper, it’s due to scheduled maintenance by 2K, meaning that the NBA 2K15 servers are down too and was planned beforehand.

Like many others, we were disappointed to see the 2K servers down again as obviously it isn’t the first time that it has happened in recent weeks.

In actual fact though, we can see that 2K has already warned gamers on the NBA 2K15 Facebook page that NBA 2K15 maintenance is underway and that players should expect a ‘bumpy’ experience for ‘several hours’.


We took a screenshot to show you 2K’s statement above, so it least it gives you the peace of mind that this was planned maintenance, rather than a surprise outage.

As far as we’re aware, the 2K servers have been down for around an hour so hopefully the maintenance won’t last much longer.

Unfortunately 2K hasn’t said when the NBA 2K15 servers will be back up but they said they will provide an update when ‘conditions normalize’.

Were you kicked offline on NBA 2K15 an hour ago? Give us your thoughts on the downtime today.

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  • Sefer

    For me it started early this morning.

  • zepisco83

    What a load of crap news, go to the steam page of nba 2k15 and you’ll see all the people raging for almost 4 days because we cannot connect to 2k servers. 4 DAYS, 4 EFFING DAYS AND IT’S NOT ONLY IN USA AND UK YOU IGNORANT, IT’S ALL OVER THE WORLD. And apparently they have finished maintenance but we still can’t connect to their garbage servers. If don’t have time to do some research just quit your job instead of posting incomplete news.

    • Dakoda

      You mad bro? It’s only been down for me since last night but I guess you speak for people “ALL OVER THE WORLD” don’t you?

      • zepisco83

        I am mad as all the others who can t connect for days now. I never said i spoked for all people, don’t comment just because.