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Spring Ninja app for iPhone with 1000 high score

If there was a new contender for most difficult and most annoying game since Flappy Bird, then Spring Ninja from Ketchapp has to be right up there.

The app is gaining considerable popularity right now, although the learning curve is just as excruciating as it was on Flappy Bird – bringing those stress levels right up the boil again.

That’s not to say that Spring Ninja isn’t a good game, we love the simple interface and it is extremely addictive as you try and time the jumps to perfection.

What we don’t understand though, is the Spring Ninja leaderboards which currently reveal that some players are getting Spring Ninja high scores of 1000 already.


To us that seems impossible, as just getting over 20 is a task in itself. For those wondering, Spring Ninja rewards are available from 10 onwards, with Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum medals up for grabs if you get 10, 20, 30 and 40 respectively.

There’s also Spring Ninja powerups to obtain, but we haven’t got to that stage as of yet. Have you started to play this game too on your device?

Let us know what your high score is at the moment and your explanation on how some players have a high score of 1000 so soon do you think they are using Spring Ninja hacks some how?



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