iTunes store down March 11, login not working

By Alan Ng - Mar 11, 2015

We just tried to log into the iTunes store, but it looks like Apple are having some major issues with the service. After realizing that others are effected on social media, the iTunes store down today problems could be affecting users on a global scale.

Certainly for us, the App Store login is not working in America and we were met with the persistent message of ‘cannot connect to iTunes Store’ error.

Furthermore, we can also see that apps which are saved to the iCloud can not be re-downloaded onto the iPhone at this time – so we’re guessing that the two issues are related.

At the moment, social media is going a bit crazy with other users who are panicking about the iTunes Store sign in not working for them either.


We’ve also seen reports that Apple is losing ‘millions of dollars’ per hour due to the App Store down today, but this could be mere speculation at this point.

As we wait for an official update from Apple regarding the iTunes store not available on March 11, give us your App Store status at the moment.

Can you log into iTunes at the moment and download apps without issue in your region?

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  • Gabraham

    I have gotten an error message using iTunes plus. I cannot acces music that isn’t on my iPhone 6+ hard drive. iTunes store has no error message, just won’t let me buy an album.