iOS 8.3 beta 3 fixes for 8.2 problems

By Daniel Chubb - Mar 10, 2015

The next mobile OS update for developers is iOS 8.3 beta 3, as they are already hands-on with the beta 2 version on iPad, iPod touch, and different iPhone models. Yesterday, Apple released the iOS 8.2 update to public and you can see the full list of notes in this article if you missed them.

Today, we wanted to highlight some iOS 8.2 problems evident after consumers downloaded the update last night, or this morning. These issues have been shared with Product Reviews by our readers and also seen on the official discussion forums for Apple.

One forum user explained their iPad just updated to 8.2 and now when they type or hold the screen, it “starts random things”. Another said, “After my upgrade to iOS 8.2 I’m losing connection to my home WiFi non stop. Even if I turn it off and on again, it works for a few minutes and then starts losing connection again”. One tip for these users is to perform a soft reset of their device, which can be done by holding down the power button and menu button.


In regard to iPhone users, we heard directly from our readers about an “iPhone 5 camera only showing black after the 8.2 update”, “The WiFI password being incorrect after this iOS 8 update”, and “battery drain with an iPhone 5 after the 8.2 software update”. This is just a small example of issues, but you will see thousands more by visiting Apple’s forums or searching on Twitter. There’s also a lot of people complaining about signal problems with their mobile network, as seen in this comment “I stupidly updated to iOS 8.2 and now I have no Network Signal in an area where I have full signal”.

The last beta released to the developer portal on Feb 23, 2015. Considering the gap and the release of iOS 8.2 to public, we can now expect a new beta to release to developers at some point in March and one that might include a few fixes to current iOS 8.2 problems. Any bugs being shared with Apple, seen by developers, and official staff could be highlighted enough to receive a fix sooner rather than later.

What problems have you had with the iOS 8.2 update so far and if you’ve had issues, what device were they on? Leave your comments below, especially if you’ve had one of the issues above or something completely different.

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  • JAS

    My rear camera has also stopped working after updating to 8.2. So glad it’s not just me!

  • mille

    This bloody thing eats my battery like hell. iPhone doesn’t sleep at all. Just doing a clean restore, but I can’t go back to 8.1.3. And to think I didn’t need to update in the first place. What happens to Apple they keep issuing shoddy and half-baked software…

  • Kai

    iPhone 5 no signal after updating iOS 8.2

    • Aan Aan

      me too, my iphone 5 always searching signal after updating ios 8.2

      • Eric

        me either on iPhone 6

  • Haider

    iphone 5, front camera does not load and freezes after update to ios8.2

  • Jay

    iPhone 5c with no signal (searching…) after uploaded the IOS 8.2

    • Aan Aan

      me too, I guess just me who had this problem. whether there are already fix this problem?

  • Animesh

    I updated my iphone 5c with ios 8.2 and all sorts of glitching and the touchscreen remains unresponsive until i reboot or press the power button . Horrible update making phone unusable . Please fix it apple . Nd any solutions guys

  • Jinhyun

    After updating to iOS 8.2 on my iPhone 6 plus my camera won’t focus. It’s always blurry when I take a picture.

    • Cliff

      Same. It’s infuriating. I might downgrade to the old version.

      • mille

        Yeah. Try. Unless you’re jalbroken you’re out of luck.

  • DAUP

    Call sound quality deteriorated – now ring and voices through iPhone 5 sound quiet and far away.

  • Taff

    After updating to 8.2 my camera stopped working

  • Tedson

    iPhone 6 screen has frozen more often since iOS 8.2 install than in the full time I’ve owned the phone.

  • matt

    I Phone 5C no network service with 8.2 update

    • Aan Aan

      me too, do u fix this problem?

  • Eva

    Iphone 6 plus – camera roll showing black

  • FrustratedMom

    ipod touch 5 – no wifi with 8.2 no matter what method to obtain is tried

  • Vigilante

    My iPad 3rd generation has better battery life

  • Kaity

    mail app closes immediately after I open it, I cannot open the camera, I tried to buy more storage because all of the sudden I had none left even after trying to delete almost all of my apps..but I couldn’t buy more storage because it did not accept my password. Such a mess

  • emg

    I can’t send any email and inbox won’t update. Grrrrrrr

  • kevin

    iPhone 5 has no signal after update. restored from earlier backup, then restored to factory settings, reset network data and a few other suggestions but nothing works.

    • Aan Aan

      do u fix this problem? many who had a problem like this

  • Loli Calcagno

    My iPhone 4s back camera doesn’t work after upgrading to 8.2

  • josh

    My ipad keeps saying incorrect password to my home wifi, which worked fine until the software update to 8.2. Very frustrating. Not happy

  • Mike

    I’m having the same fault and I’m on EE! I’ve had it since Saturday morning! I’ve been in places where I don’t usually have signal so I didn’t notice it til I was out! Any advice would be amazing!

  • Rev Msgr Martin Charlesworth

    Wifi keeps dropping. This happened on 8.1.3 and now on 8.2! Nothing I do resolves the issue! It drops for approx 20 seconds. Makes using Chromecast impossible and general browsing difficult using wifi.

  • S

    My camera only sometimes work and if it does it usually has purple verticle lines down for the front camera, it doesn’t work at all!

  • Amit Shah

    My phone keeps saying “incorrect password” to my home wifi or any other wifi, which worked fine till the software update. What do I do?

    • Diaries of 2 Thick Chicks

      I’m also having this problem.

  • Aldircea da Silva

    My iphone doesn’t recognize no one carriers… I need some help. PLease, what is that??

    • Mike

      You had any luck yet? And advice

  • Bob

    Afer upgrading to 8.2, wifi password on 5.0 GHz connection is not accepted. 2.4 GHz seems OK.

  • lindag992003

    My i pad says to update the ios 8.2 and it wants my password that I don’t remember is there a way to fix this problem?

  • Roy

    In 8.2 my camera is not workinf properly, it does not focus! 🙁 hope is not a hardware problem

    • Estivazzi

      Mine too. Before it worked like charm.

      • zeed

        yes, mine too, the screen just goes shaky

  • Robonaz

    When I use dictation it types perfectly, but when I tap “Done” to finish, it deletes everything. Bloody annoying, I have a very high level of disability and dictation is very important to me, come on Apple you’re restricting my independence 🙁

  • Jeff

    Can not update apps since downloading IOS 8.2

  • Peter

    After downloading the 8.2 update my camera doesn’t work on any apps and when I change my wallpaper it saves but doesn’t change anything also apps constantly crash or freeze on me. 🙁 might buy a moto g

  • robert

    After updating my lockscreen password says it’s incorrect. Can’t even get into my phone. Anyone know how to fix this?

  • John

    Since updating to 8.2 yesterday, if I use my iPad 4, the battery drains EVEN WITH MAINS POWER CONNECTED!!

    This needs fixing urgently.

  • Connie

    I thought I should do the 8.2 update because I have been experiencing connection drops or just “hang ups” (stalling) on my iPad. But can’t get it to update. It locks up when I click “agree” to terms and conditions.

  • Bill

    I have wi fi connection drops on ipad, on iphone my icloud account will not work and it rejects my birthday and security questions, some sites like craigslist will not allow gallery or thumbnails only text and signal quality is less than before 8.2

  • Cícero

    I lost the back câmera in my 5c. The front camera works.

  • ericshotwell

    iOS 8.2 still didn’t fix the “jumping cursor” issue when editing Contact fields in the Contacts or Phone app. The cursor still jumps from first name to last name, and onward ad infinitum, when typing in those fields with SwiftKey or other 3rd party keyboards.

  • chris

    It is getting tiring to keep updating (1.6Gig), almost every 2 months for a software (bloatware) which is getting increasly unstable. Come on Apple , for a $850 iphone, I expect a bit better

  • Loco

    I have a sprint iPhone 6. I updated to 8.2 and no I don’t have service. No calls, no text. I lost all of my text messages and and my apps are rearranged. Now I have to hope that sprint will replace my phone today after being without out one since yesterday evening.

  • Mp4Man

    After finally getting off a somewhat messed up beta to iOS 8.2, I’m ready for Apple’s 8.3! It needs to be here by apple watch if they want consumers happy, considering all the bugs still present in iOS 8.2. I don’t even see why they released it other than to show the public specs of the watch (which are on the website). If Apple is going to follow up on the fixes and changes in the current iOS 8.3, they need to do it soon.