GTA V game servers down March 10

By Daniel Chubb - Mar 10, 2015

The Grand Theft Auto V game servers are down for some on March 10, which has occurred a few hours after the Heists DLC went live today. There’s a number of messages being reported on PS4, Xbox One, and older consoles that include “Rockstar game services unavailable” and “cannot connect to GTA servers”.

It is not clear why the GTA V game servers are down right now, or if this is some sort of last minute maintenance taking place after the 1.07 update on PS4. It’s also worth noting the patch version is different by platform.

At the time of writing the GTA V Online server status hasn’t change, but we have reached out to Rockstar on social channels to find out why there’s problems right now. Some of Product Reviews readers report a new online policy has taken place, so a few of you might not be able to connect due to needing to accept the online policy.


Are you seeing GTA V game servers down on March 10, or did you find everything working after accepting the online policy? We just managed to get connected in the UK, although there clearly is issues for thousands not able to get online.

You can see the Rockstar Games Online Polices message in the screenshot above on this page. Again, this mightn’t be anything to do with the outage taking place and problems some people are having getting online to play Heists. It’s also good to remember how long we have been waiting for GTA Online Heists, so the servers might be under heavy demand right now.

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  • Jermaine Wallace

    I am an African-American male and once I downlown the heist dlc it has made my player an Caucasian male. Whats going on with that? Am I alone?

  • Tyler Charron

    What are you all talking about it worked for me and my friends later today? its soooo awesome !!! Had to reset my ps3 but that’s that a buddy of mine told me too do to get it working so worth it!

  • wargamer1969

    Im sure us PC gamers will get screwed again by April with another delay. Almost 2 years after being released. You can’t keep giving the excuse that you are tweaking and polishing the game for the best possible experience. That won’t work anymore people will give up.

  • Zerschmettert

    I do not understand how Rockstar COMPLETELY forgot about how many players would be on as soon as the update would be available. Although I will note I do not have very much experience in this field, but I will state that videogames are like a science experiment, you have to conduct the experiment multiple times until the results you are looking for eventually appear almost every time

  • Kane

    Im still getting that error message about missing files. This Sucks!

  • Qp

    And to think This is probably just another excuse for Rockstar “fixing” the Heist Update

  • Michael Wilson

    How do u get to the online policy?

    • Ye olde Brit

      choose character transfer, it will pop up, you can accept policy then it says your character has already been transferred, you’ll be redirected back.

    • Michael Wilson

      Im on ps3 i already did all that stuff i dont have a ps4

  • gamer girl

    This is some bull shhhhh

  • Justin S. Hamby

    Kinda figured this would happen. I played for like an hour bought heist cloths and vehicles, but when i go to actually play a heist mission….what do yah know, Files needed for GTA cannot be downloaded. Cant get back on since.

  • hahahaha


  • TickedOff

    Mine is saying “Files needed for Grand Theft Auto cannot be downloaded”. Hey, I waited 18 months for a perfect release, why not wait a little more.

    That’s sarcasm R*.

  • Sнαиʝѕє Morgan

    Worked for me for 10mins on the Xbox One to then kick me out.Getting server messages and now character selection messages.

  • Tanya H

    working fine for me and my friends on xbox one

  • Aedan321

    Ps4 not working in uk wtf !

  • Hunter

    Well, on Xbox 360 here, tried to enter online and it prompted me to get the new DLC. Just downloaded it, time for the moment of truth!

  • TheBeave

    Guys. Unplug everything in your xbox. And plug it back in. Then try. It worked for me

  • Its mateo

    Gta 5 online its not working for me in neither ps3 and ps4

  • Jeff

    some of my friends on psn are playing heist but it wont let me

  • DamnitRockstarTrollingUs

    NUUUUUUUUU anyone know when the servers will be fixed?

  • Bob

    Ps4 won’t work

  • Bob


  • Michael Wilson

    All the servers are down even ps3 and there are hackers online messing the game up as well i think rockstar needs to tweak some stuff up and fix the problem people are having

  • Corey

    Cant connect on Xbox one

  • Victor

    Still can’t connect… Lovely!

  • zeroπfade

    Not working on ps4 tryed resetting and everything keeps saying servers are down and can’t get files from GTA servers

  • Marijoejuano

    Hard reset your consol.. Worked for me twice

    • Lex

      Surely if you had to do it twice it didn’t work the first time?

  • saaaaaaaaaaaaaaam

    restart your xbox, then load directly into online

  • TIM

    Still cant get online, but they must be working on resolving the issues, some people couldn’t get online. I just tried hard resetting my xbox 1 still cant get online, the xbox store wasn’t available before, now it is.

    • TIM

      I tried the solo server, still same message. I’d like to hear more about this new policy you have to accept

  • Boroboy

    What about Xbox one, rockstar servers are down aswell

  • Andrew Bell

    rockstar servers were fine for me, then I got the policy message, I accepted, and now they’re down for me, Rockstar you’re drunk, fix dis, and yes you heard me: AFTER I accepted……

  • windrazor

    what is the solution

  • Devilishdoane

    How do u change the policy ?

  • NiteRazer

    Yes I did but for me does not help

  • Jay

    Has anyone found a soloution for ps4?

  • des

    Note riser. Did u not read info on top

  • NiteRazer

    Man I wish they would give some sort of status update

  • des

    I hope it works

  • Kevin

    Ps4 “files from the gta servers can not be retrieved to play gta online” wtf

    • zeroπfade

      Same for me

  • des

    I on ps3. Idk if it is down on it

    • Mister_X9

      It was a few minutes ago

    • Michael Wilson

      Dude everything is down

  • des

    I’m getting on now holy carp please work

  • bob

    This mestup servers are down and I wanted to PLAY HIEST WTF GTA

  • des


  • NiteRazer

    For some reason it shows no online option to go to for me

  • heists

    Anyone find a solution to the alert “The Rockstar game services are unavailable right now.”? *Only ps4

  • Menace2006

    Unlucky bro. Keep tryin tho, if it doesnt load from the start screen restart ur console until it does. Thats all i got… Worked for me

  • BAB

    did anyone end up in bad sport lobby after the update; i did and i spoke with rockstar and they said it is an issue that they are dealing with

  • Deaux

    What is the new update? Is it the long awaited Heists?

    • KeepinItGorgeous


  • Tristen Emory

    I have xbox one and it doesn’t work and I am dying to finish my heist😭

  • NiteRazer

    Still says does not work

  • Menace2006

    Yh im on now too. Turned my Ps4 off then back on after a failed attempt then it loaded from the title screen!

  • bhiggz

    Omg does it work? What do I do? 😢

  • andres aguas

    Solo server try it

  • Ryan Birch

    It is working for me all i did was turned off then bk on and it worked

  • v7KillStreaker


  • Revan

    I was able to get back on just now, so maybe they’re back up on X1. I loaded directly into the online instead of going into it through single player.

    • v7KillStreaker

      on 360 i just got on

  • v7KillStreaker

    when will it be fixed

  • tim

    I heard its Xboxs fault due to over crowding… either way I played this morning and I regret turning it off to go do some errands. Try to get back says servers are down or character transfer issue….. BS.

  • zac

    Could be worse it could be EA where waiting for HAHAHAAA

  • disqus_giFtYI1AMj

    It’s not working for me! 🙁

    • ProTips69

      Step one. Unplug your PS4/XBOX
      Step two. Grab it and open a window
      Step three. Throw it out

      • bigjock8

        to right mate

    • jimmy

      start gta, load online, if you get rockstar services are unavailable dont go to story mode, wait at the xbox game store, if it says services are unavailable, just wait, after maybe 5-10 minutes, it will say Now Open, proceed and download Heists. Your welcome! 🙂

  • Dan

    Damn dude, just worked, I went in through the Xbox store like that other dude said…

  • MrStoryTeller

    Once upon a time GTA 5 servers were online. The end.

    • jimmy

      start gta, load online, if you get rockstar services are unavailable dont go to story mode, wait at the xbox game store, if it says services are unavailable, just wait, after maybe 5-10 minutes, it will say Now Open, proceed and download Heists. Your welcome! 🙂 worked for me

      • MrStoryTeller

        A wise man once told me it’s impossible to access the xBox game store from a PS4. I guess he was wrong.

        • jimmy

          sorry you didn’t say you had a ps4, try it but go to the playstation store instead

        • MrStoryTeller

          I’m still downloading the patch. Thanks though 🙂

  • Adam

    Some dicks crashed the server for fun I guess. #momsbasement #trollsarevirgins

    • Notice Me Senpai

      Ur really dumb :/

  • jimmy

    start gta, load online, if you get rockstar services are unavailable dont go to story mode, wait at the xbox game store, if it says services are unavailable, just wait, after maybe 5-10 minutes, it will say Now Open, proceed and download Heists. Your welcome! :) just did it andit worked for me.

  • Taylor

    I have been attempting to connect to the online portion of gta for quite some time now with no success. I understand that there is going to be a heavy load on rockstar servers but the game has been out for two years now with numerous dlc’s. Is it to far-fetched to think that maybe rockstar would consider purchasing more servers to accommodate for the enormous amount of traffic that is weighing down the current network and hardware?

    • John D

      actually game has not been out for 2 years so your wrong there. the game launched September 17, 2013 with a month to wait to go online September 17, 2015 will be 2 yrs.

  • ADream

    It started after the first heist for me and I play for an hour before

  • Lizard Squad


  • crawch

    how about all of you pieces of crap that said “oh, it’s too late now rockstar – i don’t care anymore” Stay true to your words and gtfo gta hiests and make room for the people who don’t act like deserving little snobs

  • Mitchell

    Here lets have an awesome update, doesn’t work. I hate Rockstar so much. BS

    • Spencer

      it’s DDoS attacks, same as the christmas ones…

  • Lizard Squad


    • Nick

      Congrats on being uniamously hated more then terrorists.

      • Notice Me Senpai

        Can u not see he is obviously a fake his pic doesn’t even fit XD

  • Juanita

    It only work of you aren’t paying heist

  • jay

    How do you accept the new policy ?

  • Lance

    Hahahaha I knew this would happen. I’m calling right now, online and heists will not be functional until next week.

    • Mister_X9

      It is functionnal. I played just before. The servers are off due to lots of connections. But it works.


    so tired of game developers hyping releases / updates and not having the server infrastructure to handle the demand. Clearly you should have an idea by now what kind of load to expect on your servers.

  • Wyatt

    I somehow got it to load with the creator

  • tyler

    Been looking forward all day to play this after the update and the servers are down, great lol.

  • Stu

    Xbox one is down too

  • cole

    The one day you dont want servers to go down. Xbox 1 is working but the 360 is still down

  • Mark Djflex

    I’m online 😉 lol never disconnected hahaaha

    • Juanita

      Duck you😘

  • Ammo

    Wtf rockstar u lot suck ass absolute monkeys working there mate it’s like a f in mouse running around in a wheel generating power for your servers

  • Michael McCole

    Yeh, If you try to load GTA Online before it loads into Story mode, It’ll give you the Error: “Rockstar game services are currently Unavailable” and if you try to enter it via main menu in story mode, It’ll say You are unable to download the required files to play GTA Online……

    • jimmy

      start gta, load online, if you get rockstar services are unavailable dont go to story mode, wait at the xbox game store, if it says services are unavailable, just wait, after maybe 5-10 minutes, it will say Now Open, proceed and download Heists. Your welcome! 🙂

  • Phill

    Keeps saying that the required files are not there. I did the update and played it for 10 min then it crashed and now fu** all happens

  • InsanityGamer

    Not working I want to play heist man

  • Ashley

    Can’t go online WTF come home from work to this nice on rockstar get on it and fix it !!!!


    Not working



  • sigh

    This is english!?

    • Dark Archer Z

      No that french

  • Ryan Hutchison

    Rockstar are so bad at everything. They should just give up already.

    • potatolover69

      What’s next? Microtransactions.. oh crap.. nevermind ^-^