FIFA 15 coin sellers cry on Twitter, threaten to quit

By Alan Ng - Mar 10, 2015

Hours ago we told you about the big FIFA 15 1.05 update that landed on PS4, as well as on other platforms. The big talking point since the update, is the fact that EA has now effectively shown another red card to persistent FIFA 15 coin sellers.

We have told you in the past that EA was finding ways to eliminate this naughty trend in the game, at the same time implementing other changes to make it more balanced and ‘fair’ for other players using the FIFA 15 transfer market.

Now, we can safely say that EA has dropped a few bombs and unsurprisingly, the FIFA 15 Twitter brigade is out in full force – hurling insults and abuse at EA in the process since they can’t cheat the system any more.


Not only is the abuse that we’ve seen on EA’s Twitter account sickening, but it’s also rather pathetic to see the type of demographic that make up FIFA 15 Ultimate Team players in the UK – just go on EA’s Twitter account and read the comments if you don’t believe us.

Wishing cancer on people simply because you can’t buy your discounted coins any more is a bit embarrassing truth be told and hopefully EA are planning to take further action to eradicate it from the game fully.


In the meantime, we’ve seen others really take it to heart such as a group who are now telling everyone to boycott FIFA games and play Konami’s PES franchise instead.


We’ve also spotted a petition over at, asking EA to reverse the changes in the latest update and allow the system to go on as it was unchanged.

Are you a FIFA 15 FUT player affected by the changes? If so, get in touch with us below and let us know what you think of EA’s latest update.

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  • JoeyWho

    I’m happy they eliminated coins selling and buying. So many losers just using their parent’ s money just to get sweaty players. Well enough losers. U gotta sit through the freaking game and earn your players like I do. And STOP COMPLAINING YOU LOSERS. It’s fair that way.

  • scooter

    Instead of screwing the market they could have just brought the hammer down on people who buy coins. Now the majority of players are absolutely worthless. Ex: I purchased Lewandowski for 70k a few months ago. He’s now only worth 30k? Seriously? I’m supposed to take a 40k loss on a top class player? I don’t think so. My guess is once people realize they can’t sell anyone, the hoarding will commence.

  • Adam Le Flaire

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  • darzey

    Instead of EA worrying about coin sellers. Why don’t they lower the price of fifa points to match or better the coin sellers. Considering how overly priced they are Is it any wonder people were resorting to buying coins?

    EA just cured ebola by killing the infected

  • pes from now on


  • TheTruth

    Lol good job EA you destroyed your number 1 game to try and make a little more money bravo

    • Pow Knockford

      Let’s not forget, you guys who bought coins caused this, I do think what EA is doing is wrong but you need to understand the situation

  • gaz

    I have spent hours and hours buying and selling items from the transfer market to make a very good epl team. My team was worth around 3 million, i was proud of what team i had made. and now ea have made the transfer price range and its made the market crash and with it all the hard work i put in. I feel cheated by ea out of hours of hard work and dedication. Unless i am compensated for all my hard work earning my team or ea stop the price range i will leave and go to pes.

  • ForeverAtheist

    You stupid coin sellers shouldn’t do that at the first place, you and all of those who bought your pucks deserve it. I’m not even a FIFA player, I’m an NHL player, so good luck with your screwed game.

    • TheTruth

      Lol i guessed you was a stupid NHL fag when you said pucks

      • Gabe Garcia

        What a dumb ass reply

  • Logan

    I can’t even sell my players anymore, the price ranges are stupid and no one can buy anyone 50k and up The market is filled with players who can’t be bought because no one can trade and earn enough coins to get the players they want

  • pfff


  • pfff

    This is a stupid update! I had IF Robin and IF messi…I put them on market and didn’t kow pricing changed! Now I love like 15 million coins :@

  • ty

    Worst thing ever I have like 2-3 million pounds worth of players I can’t even sale like if rooney, yaya toure, if lacazette, ibrahimovic, ramos ect. It’s a joke there our players we should be able to sell at our prices that we choose. There’s going to be a lot of people going too pro evolution or not playing fifa at all. I thought the game couldn’t get worse then this happened and guess what it got alot worse.

  • Pow Knockford

    I’m disappointed, we are now unable to buy coins so we can’t buy these players at these ridiculous prices just to top it off with I saw a 64 rated in form going for 275k. Ea seriously. Now I have to buy someone like Menez for 11k or more instead of nectar that goes for way higher. Like KSI said we will still be buying the game and continually allow EA to pound us. Unbelievable……

  • Jordan

    Everyday ive seen the market on the ps3, theres not a single ronaldo or messi on the market or a say MOTM suarez etc and in my view i paid £14.5 Million for a 92 Ronaldo and the reason being theres none on the market is because hes worth more than the 9.3 Million hes “limited” to. EA havent only got the servers to fix now but also this mess of a market aswell. Good luck Electronic Arts.

  • Eric

    This is a good example of what happens when you over regulate a free market to make things “fair”. Although it killed my personal trading, I’m happy to see the coin sellers destroyed. But it probably is costing EA money, so it won’t last. The number of live transfers is down well over 50%. I don’t know if the bots accounted for that many transactions.

  • j

    Because it would have been a 3day transfer that would have been up b4 the maintenance!!

  • Paul Andrew Wheatley

    I understand what EA where trying to do, but let’s not forget that they took 5% of all player sales, they even took this when you brought coins. Fifa points are just to expensive, and the only thing you can do with them is buy packs, and what do you get in the packs? Nothing. I spent 2 million on packs the other day and the best card was worth 250k, big let down. EA have said the update will make it easier to get the bigger players, yeah right. No one is going to sell them, and there is none on the market. I have put all my players up for sale, my club was worth 50million, now it’s worth under 20, thanks EA. I have done the same with the iPad Fifa, but at least there is no up date yet. Oh well, I will just play the normal game, at lease I can change player stats and have a bit of fun still.

  • Oldhat63

    Price cap not working seen cheap player for buy now 1000000

  • Anonymous

    EA don’t care about us they just want to get rid of coin sellers and they’ve screwed us over

  • Oldhat63

    Just seen crap player on market for 1 million how have they done that

    • Anonymous

      I don’t understand that

  • Matt Oz

    I can’t even sell gotze, he’s worth 85k, so I’d usually put him on for 150 starting price with no buy now just to see if I do make any profit from a bidding war. Now everyone has him on for the same price and I can’t sell him. That’s my big problem with game, it’s just EAs way of making us buy for points so they make more money. EA suck, over to PES.

  • H2o dre

    Most of you guys in support of this feature don’t think logically and also aren’t aware of the trye value of the free transfer market in terms of gettin your ultimate team. With coins being sold for the past 6 months coin buyers are already way ahead with the best teams and rich.. Free transfer was the best way for legitimate players to keep up. But it had now been taking away. In six months I traded up to 8 millon with the free market… Now that’s impossible so coin buyers are ahead alreDy have great teams n now I’m
    Stuck cusse my trading power is gone. U will still see op teams cause it’s not like ea did the correct thing n banned cheaters they just punish everyone the update solves nothing.. Coin buyers still happy… Coin sellers have 6 months of profits … Legitimate players screwed over..

    • amibanter

      I think it’s a long term plan. I hope they stick with it, decreasing the price ranges in FIFA 16 and FIFA points (Probably not).
      FIFA 15 is like this because of inflation caused by the leeches that are coin sellers.

      • Pow Knockford

        You should watch KSI’s video. Ea had a nice easy way for users, I do it on my Fifa 15 ultimate team app on my kindle. Got Neymar for 49k sold him for 60k . 11k profit. This us what I am talking about. No more logic in ultimate team so you might as well just do career and pro clubs

        • amibanter

          KSI and most of the youtubers are bitching because they are losing money. I suggest you watch Spencer’s video, he is a lot less bias since he doesn’t have a coin sponsorship.

        • Daniel El-Schaeddhaei

          I watch Spencer FC aswell, I like his LONDON UNITED team, he puts all players in a pringles can and picks one at random then the gets it. You have to really blame coin sponsers. EA didn’t need price ranges at all. Atleast you could remove coin trading but removing that and adding price ranges was taking action a bit too far, I am dissapointed in them. I never bought coins. They are even doing this stupidity on my iphone/kindle. I built an easy full rare gold spansh squad and have 18k. Now they are putting price ranges I’m screwed

  • Renzoo

    I don’t get why FIFA done such a wrong choice at least let us have some cheap FIFA point like co ea wouldn’t lose anyway cos the game would be even more addicting for everyone but Naah they trying to be scamy and ribbing people off

  • fifafan0909

    I like the premise… But a healthy addition would be to at least quick se at the minimum. Otherwise lots of coins get stuck in players who are trying to sell at the bottom of the range and are there with hundreds of the same player. It’s the main flaw I’ve seen.

    • fifafan0909

      Quick sell*

  • danny

    It’s the right thing but improve the probability of getting certain players. Plated since fut was introduced and never had a robben, ribery, messi, bale, sanchez, neyMar etc…

    • fifafan0909

      Totally agree

  • paul

    I think ea did a good update now they are done with coin sellers..its time to update the services its slow and the transfer market slow..i have 1888 contracts i dont feel like transfer 1 by 1 they should change that like we could control how many we want to transfer

  • Mini Mager

    But to get a good player like messi it would take you thousands of games to save up the coins to get him.

  • Ian B

    Build my team by playing games and buying coins via the store. Any other way detracts from the joy of building squads bit by bit.

  • Dan

    It will still be done, just within the new price ranges is all. It’s not a bad move from EA! At least people will have to play matches as well instead of just being on trade list.

  • Diego Cardoso

    Give it up, Coin buying and selling is cheating period. Build your team the hard way, it will definitely get more competitive.

    • Robert

      See, my issue isn’t that they got rid of people buying coins. I totally understand that. But they’ve made it close to impossible to legitimately profit using the transfer market. In the past I’ve been able to get lucky occasionally buying a player cheap and selling him high, and that’s how I made the majority of my coins. I don’t think it’s fair that they’ve eliminated the free market.

      • Mr Supotco

        I can see what you’re saying, but you can still make a profit, it’s just that you can’t make as much, and its a small price to pay for eliminating trash players from getting to division one