Advanced Warfare Zombies leaderboards clearly hacked

By Daniel Chubb - Mar 10, 2015

The Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Zombies leaderboards are clearly hacked and this follows complaints in regard to lobby hacking as well. We might be stating the obvious here, although we wanted to highlight the hacking to bring attention to something that Sledgehammer Games need to fix within the next COD Advanced Warfare update. This would be version 1.12 on PS4, which has been delayed slightly and some gamers on this platform continue to contact Ask PlayStation for a date.

Take a look at the Advanced Warfare screenshot below that we took within the Zombies leaderboards for match ranks. You can clearly see the hacking taking place on the leaderboards, as it’s impossible to get to round 21433 within 4 minutes and 46 seconds. This is a clear indication of the leaderboards being hacked in Zombies, although we expect users get a ban when this happens.


The above screen is a couple of days old, so we opened up the leaderboards for Advanced Warfare Zombies at the time of writing to see if the user got banned. The user we saw a couple of days ago has been removed, but in his place is another this time with only 150 rounds in 3 hours, but they have a crazy high number of kills and score. This again, is a clear indication of hacking and we do wonder how they managed to do it?


What is also clear is Sledgehammer games is banning these people and removing the scores from the leaderboards. It seems like a game of cat and mouse, with new user accounts being setup that hack the Advanced Warfare ranks and then get a ban. It’s obvious that these people want to prove they can do it, knowing they will get a ban.

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  • Daniel evans

    cod is just one of those games that will always be hacked, I don’t think anything can or will be done to prevent it. its worth moving on and playing something else anyway as cod just sucks big time. of course hacking happens in just about any multiplayer game but at least the other games are still good and you don’t really have to worry about leader boards. I think developers shouldn’t add leader boards in games but maybe try something else. K/D ratio is all that’s needed to see whether you are a good player or not.

    • Ryan

      I disagree to an extent. I destroyed my k/d learning the game, which took embarrassingly far too long (it’s my first competitive fps), and am now finally almost positive with a .93 (needing 590 kills with no deaths to get ahead). I always focused too much in winning the game mode, and typically got the most points towards any given game mode on my team, while annoyingly sacrificing my k/d to campers and others who just tried to up their k/d ratio with no regard for the game mode or their team. Just making an argument for kill to death ratio not being an end all be all measure of quality players. Although in a perfect world, it should be.

      • Daniel evans

        i guess that is a fairly good point. it was a few months ago i wrote this and most likely didnt put much thought into my comment. it would be nice if there would ever be a time where people are simply un-able to hack the online portions of games. im surprised people go through the effort of bothering as any form of cheating just ruins games for me. i have used cheats in single player games before as im sure every gamer probably has and i just get bored of them far too easy.