Battlefield Hardline resolution Vs FPS on PS4, Xbox One

We have some important news for those of you who are planning to pick up Battlefield Hardline, which it launches on March 17. Developers Visceral Games have just confirmed the final Battlefield Hardline resolution and we can tell you that the game won’t hit full HD on both next-gen consoles.

While both the PS4 and Xbox One versions of Battlefield Hardline will be run at 60FPS, we can confirm that the Battlefield Hardline resolution on Xbox One is 720p and the PS4 is 900p.

This means that despite the fact that this is a brand new game shipping two years later than Battlefield 4, the resolution of Hardline will be the same resolution as what BF4 was.


Should this be considered a major disappointment that Battlefield on next-gen still cannot output at a native 1080p full HD resolution, or still fantastic news that we are getting 60FPS on both versions?

It also puts some perspective on Sony’s recent revelation that the PS4 was built to support 120FPS games and will supposedly support 120FPS games when Project Morpheus launches.

Let us know your thoughts on 900p for PS4 and 720p for Xbox One. Is it such a big deal to you, when gameplay will be the key factor? Leave your thoughts on this below.



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