Apple Watch straps vs. third-party pricing options

It was always obvious that the Apple Watch was going to carry a premium price, but people seem rather shocked at how much Apple will charge to upgrade to a better strap. However, it comes as no surprise that there are already third-party Apple Watch strap options, and the prices are far more competitive.

One of the reasons for going for the third-party option is that people will be able to purchase the entry-level Apple Watch, and rather than pay ridicules prices for official straps and bands, they have the option of a far cheaper route.

The price you pay for the entry-level Sport Model is $349, you will then be charged $450 for the stainless steel link bracelet, and between $149 and $249 for leather strap options.

Third-party Apple Watch straps

However, to help keep prices down you can opt for something from Monowear Design, which is a crowdfunding campaign. What makes these such a great deal is how you can choose a leather or stainless steel band for just $80.

If this is the case, then you can have an Apple Watch and either of these bands for a total of $429, which is a pretty decent saving.

There is one major issue though, and that is the fact only $1,745 has been pledged of a $20,000 target, which needs to be achieved in 24 days.



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