Nokia N1 release date desire for USA, India, UK

By Alan Ng - Mar 9, 2015

The Nokia N1 tablet is continuing to be the subject of intense popularity right now. It’s Nokia’s first Android tablet and is currently on sale in China.

The big question that Nokia fans want to know though, is whether there will be a Nokia N1 release date for USA, India and UK.

So far, Nokia is remaining silent on this prospect obviously since they want to gage how well the tablet sells in China first – then decide whether to launch it overseas.

In terms of potential, the Nokia N1 specs are very good for the sub $300 USD price that it is currently selling for. The 7.9-inch tablet features a 1536 x 2048 resolution and runs on a 2.3GHz quad-core Intel Atom Z3580 processor with 2GB of RAM.


Early importers have already likened it to Apple’s iPad Mini, but it could turn into something special with that low price point – a 5,300mAh battery and Android 5.0 Lollipop should also make fans happy.

If you live in the US, India or UK can you honestly say that you would love to buy this tablet? Perhaps Nokia is waiting for fans to make their voices heard before making a decision, so it’s time to speak up.

Check out some preview footage of the tablet in action below at MWC 2015, then tell us if you would buy this as a replacement for your current tablet.

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  • Sharan

    Waiting for this Nokia N1 device in India, Request you guys to please update the release plans. We all love you Nokia.

  • ur_hindsight

    Philippines is waiting for this tab too!

  • Phineas

    even if nokia is planning to launch it 2 months later, it would be good if they announced it at least! the constant waiting without knowing about it is frustrating

    • angel

      i know exactly where you are coming from, it sucks that i have to check everyday for news on a release date for the nokia n1, I’m waiting for this tablet to come out and have been saving the money for months

  • Bigtimegnome

    Nokia, if u are listening I’m a big fan of the nseries though this may not be an nseries it has that prefix n1 which just amuses me and many people are keen upon this tablet as it is the first ever android tablet from u guys. Don’t wait until quests get changed. Trigger the launch in USA, India and UK.

  • KingSAL

    Nokia…. make the people sure of whether u are going to launch the N1 in India, US, UK & etc… countries asap…. it will be our waste of time waiting for the tablet for so long, & so that we can plan for an alternative device if u r not planning to launch it here…. really frustrated by waiting since 5 months hv passed u being announced d device…

  • Max Smith

    Nokia if u r listening,take my money now.

    What r u guys waiting for??

    Launch it already before its too late.

  • Elmer

    Headline read release date for UK, is there one? No waste of article

  • Hanson Eze

    lolz .. took them ages ..

  • santosh shukla

    Nokia please announce the lunch date….

  • what makes nokia products so good

    • Shekhar Kumar

      Robustness, sturdy structure, 5 MP camera is really 5 MP not 2 MP unlike others, less anomalies in operation, mostly smooth experience.

  • Shekhar Kumar

    I have been postponing the purchase of my next tab for many months just to get this one. Nokia should at least give us hint of its launch in India. I am very excited about it, if it is priced around 15K.

    • Anil p

      Me too

  • Omkar Bhat

    Would like that Nokia soon release the much awaited device in Indian market with enough stock…. else they’ll get over before most of the eager consuers get their hands on them