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New MacBook Air 2015 Vs Apple Watch preference

We have just hours to go until the start of Apple’s Spring Forward event. We are obviously going to get the full details on the Apple Watch at last, but there’s also a good chance that we may finally see a new 2015 MacBook Air at 12-inches as well.

It goes without saying that a new MacBook Air refresh is well overdue. Fans have practically been begging to see a new MacBook Air 2015 model at every single event, but so far Apple hasn’t given away any hints.

However, we did tell you recently that a 12-inch MacBook Air had gone into production so this could the perfect time for Apple to finally acknowledge that a new model is on the way.

What we wanted to find out from you though, is what you would rather see. Are you too excited about Apple’s foray into the wearable space to care about any other product, or is it still all about a new MacBook for you?


The fact that we haven’t seen a MacBook Air refresh for a long time could push most of you over the edge if Apple suddenly surprises fans with a ‘one last thing’ in the hours to come.

As we wait for the show to start, give us your last minute expectations on the event assuming that we see both the Apple Watch but a new MacBook Air as well.

If you had the money to buy one only new Apple product, would it be a watch or a 2015 MacBook Air? Give us your thoughts on this below.



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