FIFA 15 1.05 PS4 update live with notes

By Daniel Chubb - Mar 9, 2015

The new FIFA 15 1.05 update just went live today on PS4, which has a file size of 328.3MB with detailed patch notes as well. Normally, when you click update history on PS4 game icons you won’t see a detailed changelog for many games, although this FIFA 15 PS4 update on March 9 has full patch notes given.

We have included a couple of screenshots on this page that detail the file size and latest update history for FIFA 15 on PlayStation 4. You can clearly see the 328.3 MB size, much smaller than many downloads, and also the full 1.05 PS4 update notes. Again, the list of changes isn’t particularly long.


The patch includes stability improvements to Friendly Seasons in Ultimate Team Seasons, other improved functionality to the Compare Price feature in FUT, and other stability issues have been fixed on PS4 in Pro Clubs, Online Seasons, and EASFC Match Day Challenges. You will also see the MLS expansion teams have been added to the “Rest of World” league for Online Matches and Kick-off, which include New York City FC and Orlando City.

Did your FIFA 15 PS4 update install without problems, or did your download hit an issue? If you did have any issues, or even think something is missing from this update, then we would love to hear about it.

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  • zorrotickpick

    The update has gone horribly wrong for me…tried installing twice…once by deleting the whole game and re-installing again. Neither the MLS expansion teams show up in “Rest of the world” nor the player transfers in January reflect in the teams. I’m not able to even turn ON match day when choosing teams. This sucks EA!

    • Sih_kancil

      Same here

    • Dan Dan

      Yeah Im Having The Same Issue… Any Resolution As Of Yet??

  • Johnny Cortese

    I spoke to EA and we resolved the issue on PS4. You have to go to Customise Menu > Profile > Delete and delete Personal Settings 1 file. Save, then shut down system. Unplug from power, wait 5-10 sec and then boot up. NYC FC and Orlando City FC now appear in Kickoff!

    • Marc W

      Tried all that it it still hasn’t worked for me 🙁

  • Johnny Cortese

    I tried installing update twice on PS4. No expansion teams showing up from Rest of World on Kickoff or online. Deleted update and reinstalled. Same thing. Maybe tomorrow will be better?

  • Jay

    While online ea has been down since 7pm from the update !!!

  • Beetle

    The update downloaded, won’t show. I deleted to try and reinstall but now it says there is no update.

  • Jordanh22

    The update downloaded but orlando city and NYC still don’t show up in the game

  • Carter

    Can’t download goddamn update! Fix your freakin’ servers!!!

  • jeremy

    Can’t play online anymore, the selection file is incorrect or something

  • Brendan The Elephant Seal

    Damn you EA, I wanted to do a legit MLS season and I can only swap one team for Chivas

  • Joel V Solis

    I can’t find the expansion team’s of the MLS after update…what’s going on ?

    • Mike

      They are in the “rest of world” tab…….NOT in the MLS tab during team selection……..

      • Joel V Solis

        Thanks for the highlight Mike…but I check there and every single tab still not there..the update was successful …so I don’t know what’s going on..

        • Mike

          Yeah actually they’re not there for me either……..sorry I didn’t even look, just assumed they were there…….what the hell?

  • Hazard is Love, Hazard is Life

    Can’t find NYCFC….

  • Corona

    Cant play online anymore. Problems with the online selection file .. Deleting it doesnt solve the issue .. My friend has the same problem

  • Micah

    Still can’t find the expansion teams after the update.

    • Thorpey


    • Joel V Solis

      Me too.

    • dalton

      Cant find them either…checked rotw under all modes

  • tedd

    I didn’t have issues , had a smooth update.