EA servers down on March 9 in FIFA 15 UT

By Daniel Chubb - Mar 9, 2015

On the same day FIFA 15 received a new 1.05 update for PS4, it seems the EA Servers have gone down and caused thousands to complain that FIFA 15 Ultimate Team is not working. Not only is Twitter receiving hundreds of tweets with players reporting problems, but also the EA FIFA 15 status page on Down Today has many updates reporting issues.

One user said, “I keep getting the message there was a problem communicating with the FIFA 15 Ultimate Team servers transfer market”. This particular user was on PC, although another Product Reviews reader reported that FIFA 15 won’t work on PS4. It looks like all platforms are impacted by the issues and Ultimate Team isn’t working on all of them, according to the latest reports.


The current problems might be related to today’s update, although this hasn’t been confirmed at the time of writing. We reached out to EA Sports for comment, informing them that gamers can’t sell players or connect to servers. An update has been posted below after EA commented on the outage.


Update: Two recent tweets on EA Sports FIFA channel reveal that the Transfer Market is currently closed, which will then be followed by around 3 hours of FUT maintenance from 6:30pm in the UK. You can expect the FIFA 15 UT maintenance to end around 9:30pm in the UK, so it looks like many gamers won’t be getting online tonight.

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  • eraj1212

    for me the fifa 15 transfer market was working but then I was in the middle of finals then the stupid thing took me out!


    It’s about 5 day that transfer market is closed on fifa 15 ios & ps3, what is happening?
    I had just sold some players and I can afford to Zlatan and should buy him but the transfer market has been f*cking closed! aaah

  • PM7

    There is also problem with transfer market in FIFA 15 UT ios or tablet, pls check it, people needs shop players!

  • immy

    EA is a total load of SH*T.

  • Tom Martin Phd

    so now we can see hiw much we’ve all lost on our players but still cant get on market
    Quality as always EA

  • Ian

    All FUT packs are a joke, u could pump £500 into them n only end up with maybe 3-4 top class players from the packs, the amount of cash u’d get from transfer listing the muck/quick selling, might buy u a few more decent players. Packs are a load of bs, just a quick money maker for EA. I gave up on FUT the minute chemistry and links meant absolutely nothing, and a bunch of 95 paced 78’s slaughter a proper superstar team… we’ve all been there. FUT is a sham.

    • Lee

      I’ve just packed ronaldo

    • Tom Martin Phd

      I know that feeling

  • steve

    Getting online aint the problem its ea 3hrs ament to be 9.30 its now 10.50 and still bloody waiting and the packs are complete rubbish ive must of spend around 12m and only got robben is that it

    • jonny luter

      what a wasteman you are steve. get a life bro

      • steve

        Get a life says the one sat reading someones post

        • Obamah8mechickn

          Really find it hard to believe u only packed robben with 12 mill, I’ve spent about a mill, packed inform muller inform Gotze, neymar twice, motm bony, aguero and legend kluivert!! Think u should throw the towel in mate lol!!!