Car Mechanic Simulator gains 2015 edition release

Towards the end of last month, Car Mechanic Simulator 2015 received full funding as a Kickstarter project and now has a release date set for April. The new edition had a target of $20,000, which it beat by almost $3,000 with 1,285 backers and meant PlayWay is in a strong position to launch.

The game allows players to expand their empire in the auto repair industry. The gamer takes on the environment of a car workshop, so you have to tackle the daily routine and manage different situations with unique strategy.


Currently, the new Car Mechanic Simulator game release date has been set for April 20, 2015. You can see a quick video focusing on gameplay for an engine below, as well as a longer demo revealing more about the game. A few of our readers might know the previous CMS 2014 edition from Steam, which is apparently one of the most popular simulation games on that gaming platform in that year.

Rewards for backers of this Kickstarter receive a range of things that are dependent on how much they pledged. These range from in-game credit to being able to put your own car in the game, although the latter only had 1 backer thanks to the $6,000 plus needed. Will you be playing Car Mechanic Simulator 2015 from April via Steam?



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