Apple Store down today, Watch pre-order desired

The Apple Store has gone down today in preparation for the event taking place in just under 4 hours, although the downtime is starting quite the debate in regard to an Apple Watch pre-order for USA at least, or maybe the UK as well. Apple’s CEO has already touched on the United States getting priority when it comes to their smartwatch release date, but this isn’t stopping fans debating what should happen.

You can see a screenshot of the Apple Store below that was taken on March 9, 2015, just moments ago. The outage started about an hour ago, around 5AM PST, although we see every countries store down right now. This normally happens for product launches, or changes to the online store, but this isn’t always the case.


Are you waiting to pre-order an Apple Watch and even if you don’t expect this today, will you be ready to pre-order just in case? We know a number of Product Reviews readers will be ready for any surprise, as such they check the store every few minutes when it goes down.

Share a comment below with your expectations for the press conference today. We have also seen the Apple TV event icon go live and the live coverage hitting the technology companies website. Keep connected to our Google Plus and Facebook pages for the news as it breaks.



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