Daylight saving time US change without 2015 iPhone issues

By Alan Ng - Mar 8, 2015

We have a heads-up for iPhone users now as we once again approach Daylight Savings Time for US in 2015. It means that you will lose an hour of sleep guaranteed, but maybe even more if you don’t set up your handset properly and run into iPhone problems on Monday March 9.

In previous years, the switch to Daylight Savings Time created a lot of iPhone issues, as many users forgot to manually set their clocks forward 1 hour and ruined their daily schedule as a result.

Now, it’s a lot easier of course as on iPhone you can simply toggle a setting to ensure that the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus will automatically set that your device is kept up to date with the Daylight Savings Time change.

The change will affect phone owners in areas such as California, Chicago and New York so we have a reminder on ensuring that you are ready for the switch.


It’s really simple, just head into device settings > general > date and time. From there, you just need to ensure that the automatic time option is enabled – which it should be anyway, unless some of you have switched it off for some reason.

For those asking what time will Daylight Savings Time start in the US, it will be 2am local time so there’s not long to go. You’ll be losing an hour of sleep, but on the plus side you’ll seeing brighter evenings until November 1.

That’s just a quick heads-up, as we’re sure most of you have that automatic option enabled already anyway. You’ll be amazed at how many still run into problems though the morning after the change occurred!

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  • One positive thing is now we don’t have to remember changing the daylight saving every time. We can do automatic setting only which saves our time.

  • JTSanJoseCA

    I had my phone set to automatic but it still was displaying the wrong time (it did not adjust for daylight savings). When I checked the settings, my time zone had changed to a random country I’ve never heard of. Very strange.

    • Dixie

      My phone is set to automatic time, and yes, my clock moved ahead one hour–but so did my alarm. I set an alarm for 2:30 am to catch an airport shuttle, and it didn’t go off, and I nearly missed my ride. I was sitting in the shuttle at 3:30am when the alarm did go off.