Xur new items on March 6 in Destiny today

By Alan Ng - Mar 8, 2015

It’s that time again for Destiny players, as Xur has spawned in the tower once more. Last week, we had the Universal Shotgun remote which was a nice change, so where is he today and what items is Xur selling on March 6?

We have the information that you are after, as many of you are probably running around in the game like headless chickens find out where Xur spawns today.

Firstly, we can tell you that you’ll find Xur by the bar. There has been persistent rumors that Xur would be selling the Hard Light today, but we can confirm that the main exotic is the Icebreaker again – are you kidding?.


Elsewhere Xur is selling the Helm of Saint-14 and the Skull of Dire Ahamkara. We don’t have long to go until the next DLC expansion House of Wolves is available, so hopefully Xur’s inventory will get more exciting in the weeks to come with some House of Wolves quest-specific items on sale – like the Urn of Sacrifice before it for The Dark Below.

Are you happy with what Xur is offering today or do you consider it another disappointment? We’ll add a video below when we have it, showing his full inventory today.

Let us know what you will buy from Xur’s list of items this week and if you recommend any of the wares available today, to other players to spend their strange coins on.

Has Xur made you happy or sad today?

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  • Ninjaslade

    I have the skull, my titan isn’t high enough level to care and i have IB why couldnt it be red death and that one helmet that regens health with orbs (i’d prefer to not die running hard crota)

    • Ninjaslade

      At least i guess theres the engram

  • Heelsfan78

    Not sure where you saw someone say Hard Light for today, everyone in my circles knew it would be icebreaker again. Next week…..universal remote, LBN, Crest of AL, NBP and gauntlet engram.

  • Hendrix

    Helm of saints.
    I coulnt be happier

    • DestinyTitan

      (Glasshouse is a tiny bit better but helm just looks cool)

  • KillerJoe

    Pathetic. Since they are random, Bungee should at least open up more primary slots, so we’ll have a little me diversity. Double the number of items up for sale, like you do for upgrades!

  • Guru Blu

    HELMET!! Worth.

  • Colslaughter

    Ice breaker…. Again….

    • Tofi Adegbite

      Bungie likes the look on our faces when we are swimming in their faeces