Transform your new 3DS XL into a Pokedex

If you are a Pokemon fanatic and always wanted to customise your Nintendo 3DS with some Pokemon decals, we have something rather amazing to show you now.

One user has shown off his new 3DS XL ‘Pokedex’, taking his red new 3DS and applying some Pokedex decals which can be purchased from an online buyer at Etsy for $8 USD.

The decals are handmade using vinyl and you can see from the images how the finished effect looks – pretty authentic we have to say.


The decals are custom made per order so that $8 will definitely go a long way into transforming your new 3DS into a work of art. It’s also worth pointing out that if you have a red 3DS or XL, this will work just fine as well.

As far as we’re aware, Nintendo hasn’t released an official ‘Pokedex’ 3DS console so this is definitely the next best thing. Enjoy the images and let us know what you think – are you tempted to buy a new 3DS XL Pokedex decal kit for yourself?



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