Witcher 3 PC without highest settings still looks good

By Alan Ng - Mar 5, 2015

We have some new The Witcher 3 gameplay on PC for you to check out now, this time with a twist. Most of you are looking for gameplay on the highest settings, but this new footage actually shows the game without highest settings.

It’s a nice twist in our opinion as it gives PC owners a chance to see just how good the game still looks when not even running on max settings, which often requires an expensive setup.

The footage is direct from GDC 2015 and was actually shown during NVIDIA’s press conference. There’s included commentary from CD Projekt Red and some funny moments too involving some colorful langauge from random enemies and main character Geralt.


We think you’ll agree that the environments are looking stunning, even without high settings and it firmly cements the reason why gamers will be buying the PC version ahead of console as it’s the lead platform.

Having said that, it will be nice if PS4 and Xbox One versions can get close to what we see in the video – but we’ll have to wait and see until the final build is out.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt launches on May 19. Check out the new PC gameplay below and let us know if this is the reason why you’ll be buying on PC ahead of console.

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  • PS4 FTW

    PS4 will look better than that.
    The only way the PC version will look better than PS4 is on Ultra (or near Ultra) and you will need a $3,000 rig to play that. Also, I hope CDPR do not expect PC gamers to actually pay for this one. They will just torrent it due to there it primarily being an SP game. It will be interesting to see the vgchartz stats in say June.
    Me thinks, sales-wise, it will be PS4>X1>PC. I know CDPR love PC gaming, but if Ubisoft’s sales mix is anything to go buy, the console versions is what will put food on the devs’ tables.

    • Aokiji #OPSquad

      Nice meme kid :^)