Windows 10 launch window pinpointed

By Peter Chubb - Mar 23, 2015

Many of our readers have been asking when is Windows 10 coming out, and while Microsoft has yet to make an official announcement just yet, we believe we have pinpointed its release window. However, we would just like to say this is based on speculation, although looking back at previous releases; we have no reason to doubt our assumption.

When you look back at previous versions of Windows, such as 7, 8 and 8.1, they were all made available to the public during the month of October. It’s for those reasons why we believe the Windows 10 release date will be in October 2015, although we cannot really pinpoint its exact date.

Windows 10 release date

However, at least this now makes it a smaller release window to predict. Upon further investigation, we expect its release to be in the second half of October, as those previous versions were released on October 17, 22 and 26.

Certain people will be able to get their hands on Windows 10 a bit sooner, as the release date for the RTM version is said to be in June.

Microsoft aims to make this the most popular version of Windows yet, and the way they hope to achieve this is by offering the upgrade for free to people that have versions dating back to Windows 7.

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  • Tony Sueck

    Allow me to add some idle speculation to your idle speculation…

    While it is true that both 7 & 8 were released in October, it’s also true that both went to RTM later than what we are presently expecting for 10.

    Windows 7 went to RTM in late July. Windows 8 in August.

    if Windows 10 actually does go to RTM in June, it could mean that they are hoping to have some products out for the back-to-school season.

    Having “some products” out doesn’t necessarily mean a “full” release. A “Windows” release means a lot more than it has in the past. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a staggered release of OEM / Hub / flagship phone / phone update / WIN10 In a box / free upgrade / Enterprise / Surface / another band over the course of the Q3/Q4.

    Since we won’t hear a date for months, it could logically be that, internally, they are targeting an October release “at the latest” but to be to market sooner in at least some respects.

  • antidopinguser

    i dont understand the point of still having tiles on desktop, since they’re almost useless with a mouse and a keyboard