YouTube downloader avoidance suggested

By Daniel Chubb - Mar 4, 2015

Those looking for YouTube downloader software for Mac and Windows, or even the URL versions online, have issued warnings to other people desiring to capture videos from the popular website owned by Google. According to Product Reviews readers and ratings left on the likes of Cnet, most YouTube downloader software should be avoided.

One piece of software that received a Cnet Editors rating of 3.5 stars is called YTD Video Downloader, although users state the latest version has “nothing good about it anymore”. You can see the particular page on Cnet, which clearly reveals a big drop in review ratings to 2.5 stars for the current version at the time of writing.


Users give reasons to avoid – the reasons some people are giving to avoid this YouTube downloader and many others look vast, but there’s certainly a pattern to the complaints. It’s worth remembering this is user feedback and cannot be confirmed in anyway, but the current rating roundup is highlighted in the screenshot above for the said software.

While version 4.8.7 added recording for 60fps video, one user said “I noticed malware (adware) and uninstalled quickly”. Another added, “I can no longer install the latest YTD, because Symantec flags the program as a security risk”. This is a pattern many of the recent comments report, which apparently come directly from users.

Do you avoid using YouTube downloader software and if so, do you always read the user feedback on the likes of Cnet before downloading software?

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  • Kovalsky

    As a profound YouTube user I often stumbled upon adware and malware among downloaders.
    But I`m also an app developer myself and couldn`t leave this page without writing a comment here.

    The latest product of our company is also a downloading software. And it`s totally safe. Not all the apps out there are dangerous – I know it, because I`m one of those who makes them.
    Our Softorino YouTube Converter is free & safe and ranked really high among its users.
    But I didn`t come here to advertise my product, so I`ll just leave saying that there has been a total misunderstanding.

  • Bill Dettering

    Free products always come with some sort of catch — usually bundled adware or something worse. Products like Replay Media Catcher or WM Recorder that you pay a fair price for have no such encumbrances…