Xur on March 6 for Destiny addicts

By Alan Ng - Apr 15, 2015

Xur will spawn again in the tower this weekend and hopefully, it will finally be the time when Xur has the Gjallarhorn this week in his inventory.

We now look ahead to the Xur location on March 6, just as we do each week in the build up to the big day on Friday when dreams can either by made, or shattered in a single moment.

Last week saw the return of the Universal Remote, an exotic shotgun that we hadn’t seen since some point last year. It may not be a top tier weapon, but it was still a nice change to seeing something different other than the No Land Beyond or the Plan C.

We also had some interesting claims from one player who was adamant that Xur’s wares were pre-determined and not random which we have led to believe since launch.


Prior to the Universal Shotgun being offered, that player claimed that Xur would offer the Hard Light but it proved to be incorrect and once again backed up the fact that everything that Xur offers is random.

That said, there are some weapons that are kept off limits such as the mighty Vex Mythoclast. The Gjallarhorn is rumored to be on that list as well, but until Xur offers it that question will go unanswered.

As always, Xur’s spawn time on March 6 will be at 4am Eastern Time, 1am Pacific Time and 9am GMT for players in the UK. Let us know your experiences so far playing Destiny and if there is anything left from Xur that you would spend your strange coins on.

UPDATE: It’s funny how people think that Xur’s wares are pre-set. He has the Icebreaker again, how more random do you want guys? Location and inventory here.

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  • psn: famousnrrd1

    Ice breaker, what a joke..I hate you xür

  • calvin cox

    you can get the Hard Light from Sword of Crota on the Fist of Crota mission. Its rare but hey.

    • ✯✯✯Re2pect_My Swagg✯✯✯

      Forreal bruh?

    • owenmagoo

      It was my first. Got it in crucible. Many hours later…
      The one thing that really made it sweet was the hunter stability stack. There was a sweet spot for range where you could tap three skulls and still have rounds left. It spits bullets madly. Everything else was meh.

  • owenmagoo

    Suros or bust…

    • owenmagoo

      Cue the Charlie Brown sad waltz.

  • Matt

    The vex mythoclast only drops from Atheon… Are you serious with the article? Do some research or play the game first

    • some guy

      He said it was off limits, you dink.

  • Xur – Agents of the nine

    The light is getting harder to find on my route also need to find something to break the ice
    Seeya soon guirdians

    • ✯✯✯Re2pect_My Swagg✯✯✯


    • owenmagoo

      If you really are xur…
      You are so effin lucky that I can’t fire my gun in the tower. You are a sad sack of s…
      Give me my Suros, you b-tch.

  • Josh

    The universal remote was never sold by Xur until last week…. The leaker was also CORRECT by predicting all the exotic items for sale… He said Hard Light and Thunderlord will be sold SOON… You need to check your facts before posting in an article….

    • JoshJ

      exactly what I was going to write

  • sadness

    Mida multitool. Still elludes. Me

    • owenmagoo

      I want.

  • Nick M.

    He hasn’t sold SUROS or Red Death since the beginning weeks of the game when hardly anyone had the 23 strange coins to actually obtain them.

    • Andres

      And what about ghalahorn that hasn’t been sold since week 1 when if 20 people bought it it was a lot

      • Gally Lover

        I was one of those lucky few

        • brendan

          Same here 🙂

        • Andres

          But really I don’t care if he doesn’t sell ghalahorn I need hard light

        • Andres

          Well lucky you

    • Troll Lvl 99

      He’s sold SUROS Regime like 3 times now. Doesn’t need to come back out.

      • owenmagoo

        After I get mine, I will completely agree.