PS4 was designed to output at 120FPS says Sony

We have some interesting news to bring you now, straight after Sony’s GDC 2015 presentation where the company showed off the latest progress on the Project Morpheus virtual reality viewer.

Shuhei Yoshida delivered a presentation at the event and unveiled a list of Project Morpheus specs, as well as confirming that the VR headset will be launching early 2016.

One aspect of the presentation has gained more attention though than the headset itself. Yoshida was quoted as saying during the event that the PS4 was actually designed to output at 120FPSyes, you heard that right.


Here’s the quote in its entirely from Yoshida himself:

“PS4 was designed to have a 120FPS output, which we haven’t talked about publicly in the past”

Yoshida then followed up on this on the official PS blog by saying that with 120Hz, Project Morpheus games can be rendered at 120FPS and that in their opinion – 120FPS is ideal for VR.

This is obviously very interesting for a number of reasons. Firstly, the general assumption that 60FPS was the limit for the PS4 hardware since some games still struggle to hit 60FPS and often launch with 30FPS instead.

Some still don’t believe that the PS4 can handle 120FPS games, but we guess we are in for a treat when Project Morpheus launches next year and Sony can then silence the doubters.

By 120Hz and 120FPS, are we essentially talking about basic indie party games, rather than fully fledged ‘AAA’ titles? Give us your thoughts on this below, especially if you are a PC user reading this.



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