PS Plus March Dishonored cover up shocks fans

There has been a lot of discussion on why Sony had to delay the announcement of the March PS Plus lineup, making gamers wait until Tuesday to find out the games when in previous months we have always had the confirmation before the end of the month.

Now, it looks like we know the reason why and you are going to be disappointed. By now, you know that Microsoft finally made Xbox One owners happy by delivering the first ‘AAA’ game with Games with Gold on XB1, by offering Rayman Legends throughout March.

It appears that Sony could have made a last minute decision to counter attack that move, by offering Dishonored on PS4 – which would have obviously been amazing for all PS4 owners worldwide.

Unfortunately though, something has happened behind the scenes and now Dishonored is not coming to PS Plus and PS4 owners instead are getting two smaller PS4 games – four if you include the two PS Vita games which qualify for PS4 cross buy.


We know that Dishonored was initially planned for the IGC, as you can see Sony’s URL here which clearly exposes the information. That link now redirects to the EU PS Blog with Sony having replaced Dishonored with Valiant Hearts: The Great War.

Sony has also covered up the incriminating URL with a standard one that doesn’t include Dishonored anywhere. So what happened and why did Sony try to hide this piece of information from fans?

Is there any chance that we will see it in the months to come, or did Bethesda pull the deal at the last minute? Give us your thoughts on this revelation below.



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