Advanced Warfare PS4 update 1.12 countdown

By Alan Ng - Mar 4, 2015

Hours ago we told you that a new Advanced Warfare update had gone live on Xbox One and Xbox 360 platforms. Now, we have some information for those of you who are now waiting for the Advanced Warfare PS4 update 1.12 to land.

This should be the next update to happen on PS4 and will be the same update that Xbox One users have just received. Unfortunately, it’s again being delayed on PS4 for some reason, with Sledgehammer saying that it is down to Sony and their ‘1st party approval’.

In the meantime though, we can give you a heads-up on potential AW 1.12 update notes as Sledgehammer has just revealed the Xbox One notes on the forum and the same update will apply to PS4 and PS3 gamers.


Key changes include the Grand Master Prestige content, but more importantly – a total of 15 weapon balance changes, including tweaks to the ASM1, PDW and the S12 which now has increased damage.

You should also be happy to hear that SH Games is finally adding a leaderboard to Gun Game, while there’s also another new wave of map exploit fixes that have been issued as well.

Check out the link to the forum above for a glance at what is coming in the next PS4 update. Are you a little bit disappointed though that Xbox One gamers are getting game updates first, on top of DLC?

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  • phck

    I’m on ps4 think we should have it to hopefully soon

  • XtremeBollocks

    I’m on ps4 and have been desperate for this patch to be released since SHG announced it. Playstation better pull their finger out! I’m so sick of this crap i’m seriously considering moving to the inferior console! I can handle waiting a month for DLC but all this patch approval crap from playstation is ridiculous!

  • mccullen123

    Am I the only one frustrated that this update hasnt gone live on ps4?