Galaxy Tab S Lollipop update release date imminent

By Alan Ng - Mar 3, 2015

Some very good news may be on the way to 8.4-inch and 10.5-inch Galaxy Tab S owners soon, with regards to the highly anticipated Samsung Galaxy Tab S Lollipop update release date.

Evidence coming out of MWC 2015 reveals that both variants of Samsung’s tablet were spotted running Android 5.0.2 on demo units on the show floor.

This means that if Samsung can run Lollipop without issue on test units, it probably means that we are closing in on a public release for everyone else at home.

The guys over at SamMobile captured a few images showing the Tab S running Lollipop at MWC 2015, but also add that their sources suggest that the timeframe for an update could be at the end of March, or if not – Early April.


Samsung has definitely upped their game when it comes to providing post-release updates for their products, so this should be great news for current owners.

Let us know if you own the 8.4 inch or 10.5 inch version of this tablet and if you have been waiting for an official update to land.

Overall, are you very satisfied with your tablet so far compared to other rivals on the market?

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  • CaptainTurk

    Got the Tab S 8.4 in December of 2014 and running 4.4.2 . . . But I’m much better now that my Note 3 just got 5.0 a few days ago. 👍😊👌

  • Enrique

    I got the 10.5″ tab s. I am not complaining that lollipop is taking some time to come. I used to have a nexus 7 2013. It was the first to get lollipop and it turned into a doorstop. I had to go back to 4.4 I think which was not easy to do. No apologies from Google either. I’d rather wait until Samsung tests it thoroughly,

  • Brian Payne

    I’ve got an S5 that has the lollipop update and I’ve just received my new tab s 10.5 but it’s frustrating to have to go backwards when you get something new. I especially like the Smart Lock on my S5 even if it’s been hidden (possibly by my carrier EE)and it is well worth using IMHO. I have my home, office and favourite lunchtime café as trusted places and my two cars bluetooth systems as trusted meaning I now rarely have to unlock my phone which is a pleasure. Keep it up Samsung I’m becoming a real fan!

  • Michael Ruiz

    What about the Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 which I have is it also getting the android lollipop update the same time as the tab s models

  • Kelvin Dean

    What about the settings menu on Lollipop for the Galaxy Tab S? Is it still multi panel?

    • saim

      Yes. But the colour has changed to white.

  • Jim

    I love my Tab S 10.5 but along with my Note 8 and S4 I despair of how long it always takes Samsung to rollout updates

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