Galaxy Note 5 Edge unveil at IFA 2015 expected

By Peter Chubb - Mar 3, 2015

Early reviews of the dual-edge display Galaxy S6 is proving very popular in terms of early reviews, so much so, that there is now talk of a possibility of a Galaxy Note 5 Edge unveil during Samsung’s IFA 2015 event later this year.

We have learned that an executive from Samsung hinted that the next Galaxy Note phablet could come with those sexy, unique display curves. This makes us wonder if it is pretty much confirmed because with IFA 2015 set to be held in September, which is 6 months away, you would think that Samsung already has its Galaxy Note 5 design nailed?

Galaxy Note 5 Edge unveil

Now, there is a possibility that it will be the Galaxy Note Edge 2 that will get the dual-edge treatment instead, although it makes better sense for Samsung to go with the Galaxy S6 route, and have one non-dual-edge and that other that does have the unique display.

With there being 6 months until IFA 2015 we are sure we will learn a few things in that time, so for now we ask which is the most likely, the Galaxy Note 5 Edge or the Galaxy Note Edge 2?

Going back the the Galaxy S6, here is an interesting video that looks at its specs, along with the Edge model compared to that of the HTC One M9.

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  • Riddlemethis

    Epic fail on the part of Samsung. I called it early last year where Samsung will likely do something drastic (like get rid of the SD card) and remove features or capabilities from their line. They did just that. The killed the SD expansion slot, they killed the removable battery, they killed the waterproof feature. Now, they simply copied the iPhone, yet the retail unsubsidized price will surely be similar to that of the pricey iphone.

    What they didn’t do was kill their Touchwiz bloatware, they didnt add any innovative features that make them standout. This shows there is clearly a failure in the thought process of Samsung. They shouldn’t try to make their device to be an iphone competitor, they should make a device that’s all their own, that’s unique.

    If I want an iphone clone that costs the same as an iPhone, I’ll buy an iPhone. All this crapola about I want more control, blah blah blah is sheer nonsense. If you want something that simply works and has a warranty and customer support that is only second to Costco, get an iphone. If you want to stay with cuckoo, “I don’t care about you” Google (Android) go for the HTC M9. It has expandable memory and it’s customer service and support is hands-down superior to Samsung.