Can’t access Clash of Clans APIs, another fix demanded

By Peter Chubb - Mar 3, 2015

Hours ago there was unscheduled maintenance on Clash of Clans servers to help make some improvements to servers. However, the game came back online hours ago, and since then we have been hearing of a few issue, so maybe the two could be related?

One of the most common problems being reported is that the APIs cannot be accessed, hence why Clash of Clans may still be down for some, or not working correctly for others.

Cant access Clash of Clans APIs

These are not the only Clash of Clans problems being reported on March 3, as we have heard from a few readers that the entire game will not work on their iPads, although we highly doubt this is the only mobile device to suffer from issues today.

Some of the issues being reported are “no account on this device” so unable to access the game API, to others saying there is no account to access.

The funny thing is, Clash of Clans was working correctly before the maintenance update earlier today, and so users have started to demand that the developer issues another fix to counter these API issues.

Have you been having issues with this app today?

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  • Gautam Goyal

    I have an problem with apis. Please help urgently

  • slaven šimičić

    hi … i have a problem with apsi

  • smoks

    its not the app the problem is Google Play Services update