Candy Crush users say app won’t load on March 3

By Peter Chubb - Mar 3, 2015

It would seem that many Candy Crush users are saying that they have been experiencing issues with the app not loading today, March 3, 2015. We can see that most of the problems are being reported by those playing the Windows Phone version, although we know that iOS and Android users have also noticed issues, but not as bad.

Some people have already taken to website Down Today to suggest some ideas, with one or two saying that you should turn on advertisement ID, as that is said to make Clash of Clans open once again.

Candy Crush problems

We’d love to know if that solution did work, or if it was a one-off fluke for that person?

Another person said they have the same issue, but on their Nokia 520 phone.

If you have been experiencing any issues with Candy Crush on either your Android, iOS or Windows device, then do please let us know in the comments section below.

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  • mcw

    I have a Nokia 1020 and Candy Crush stopped working. It shows up in apps that are waiting for download in the store but nothing happens. I force stop the download and then I can play, next day it has stopped again and I again have to take it away from the update list that are about to be downloaded.

  • traceyR

    Wont load on lumia phone after the update just closes app after trying to load

  • Dan

    Turning ad id worked for me too.

  • joe

    On strike of midnight 3-3-15 candy crush on Nokia 610 wont load. Goes to orange screen and drops back to list.

  • Mac

    Turning on the Ad ID worked for me.