Advanced Warfare Grand Master Prestige loot weapons list

By Alan Ng - Mar 3, 2015

Sledgehammer has just dropped some massive COD Advanced Warfare news on players now, with the announcement of Advanced Warfare Grand Master Prestige.

Later this month, players will now be able to earn another 15 levels of prestige and with it, the chance to obtain 15 new Advanced Warfare Grand Master Prestige loot weapons.

The most desirable of these is the Elite level ASM1 Strider sub machine gun, currently one of the best weapons in the game. We can see that players can also unlock the Elite Mors Silver Bullet sniper rifle as well once they reach Grand Master Prestige 3.


The image above gives you a heads-up on the full list of Grand Master Elite loot weapons in COD Advanced Warfare. One of the main questions that you will want answered though, is the fact that when you Master Prestige – your player XP is reset, your challenge status remains the same, and challenges are not reset.

Sledgehammer has provided much more information on their blog, while there’s a trailer below introducing the new changes that are coming in an AW update for March 2015.

What is your reaction to Grand Master Prestige – is the Elite ASM1 Strider worth going for?

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  • Abimael

    the strider one of the best guns in the game? article author is on drugs

  • Jake

    Sledgehammer Games said they’ll be updating the PS4 and PC versions tomorrow 😉

  • david

    are the supply drops coming on ps4?

    • Spencer Richardson