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First 2015 12-inch MacBook accessory announced

Even though the 2015 12-inch MacBook Air with Retina is yet to be announced, we already have a good idea what its first accessory will be, and that is the SanDisk USB Type C connector. This is known as the next-generation USB plug and should be fully supported by Apple’s next notebook.

SanDisk still does not know when Apple will release its new MacBook Air, or if it will offer support of the new USB standard, but it’s pretty obvious that it will, and so SanDisk needs to be prepared.

The release date for the 32GB SanDisk Dual USB Drive with Type C Connector is expected to be in the second quarter, so perfect timing for Apple’s next MacBook Air.

2015 MacBook Air accessories

We suspect some people will get the USB Type C connector confused with the Lighting connector because it is of a smaller design. However, they are completely different, with the C connector being built by Intel – better late than never Intel.

As for the release date for the 12-inch MacBook Air, we should learn details of this on March 9th, as Apple has sent out invitations for a special event. We already know for certain that it will be geared more towards the Apple Watch, but we also expect to see the new MacBook Air as well, and no doubt not long after the third-party accessories should start to appear, such as cases, bags etc.



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