Destiny down with Marionberry, Banjo server errors

By Alan Ng - Mar 2, 2015

It looks like the Destiny servers are down again for all players, as we are getting persistent errors when trying to play. Specifically, one that we haven’t seen before is occurring the most – a Destiny ‘Marionberry error’ with no apparent fix from Bungie.

This has been happening within the last hour or so and just minutes ago we can see that Bungie has now officially acknowledged that there are Destiny server problems on the Bungie Help page.

We’ve had a look for a Destiny Marionberry error fix on PS4, but the only page we found was on Bungie’s website which suggested that the problem was down to our networking – which clearly it’s not.


Since then, the Bungie forums have now been updated with a red alert ticker which now states that Destiny players may experience sign-in problems which could result in frequent Destiny server disconnects.

Have you ever seen this Destiny Marionberry error before today and is it what you are also seeing right now on your console? List your platform and let us know if the Destiny sign-in is not working for you at the moment.

We’ll update this if Bungie release an update on the situation.

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  • Rochelle

    I am having marionberry errors on my Xbox One in Western Australia. It is driving me up the wall. I have tried everything to get it working to no avail.

  • Sammy Z

    I get marionberry errors all the time. Destiny’s servers suck!

    Who’s idea was it to make this game online only?

  • Brecklandwarrior

    Having same marionberry issues on PS4

  • MewBacca

    I was having the same issue till about 2 minutes ago… Changed to OPENDNS settings… primary DNS: secondary DNS: .. I’m in the game now (on xbox one)

    • zyon

      Hey thanks that fixed it for me 🙂

    • ImKaos

      Fixed too, thank you man 😉

  • Mlimh

    Servers down too in italy, had the marionbarry error before and always fixed thanks to the guide on bungie website, but now isn’t working.

  • sweetdizz7383

    Xbox One in Massachusetts also not working.

    • sweetdizz7383

      Still no sign in or nothing since 130am est

  • hamed

    mine too 🙁 ps4

  • Cory Spencer

    marionberry PS3. Damn on my day off… SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jonathan

    Ive been getting Banjo errors for about the past 3 hours. I still cant sign in yet. Xbox 360.

  • Joe Arispe

    Unable to play any COD or destiny?

  • yoster

    Not working. Delaware 6:09am error code marion god damn berry perfect internet, pulling 40 mbps and it’s my fault destiny.

  • CoolGuy 2012

    same here first i seen of it also been easy going tell this

  • Destiny Kush

    first login error ive encountered, tried to sign into destiny probably a 100 times in the past two hours, reset networking console and all with nothing but this marionberry crap, dayum was so pumped to play some control. bleh

  • Kmf

    I get marionberry all the time, usually a ps4 restart will fix it but that doesn’t seem to work. Fifa it is

  • TheKid

    Man this sucks balls, was really eager to play!

  • The Dude

    Yea diablo 3 reaper of souls wont let me connect along with destiny haven’t tried any of my other games but im gonna assume it will be the same …….Ps4

  • Matt

    Damn some people need to get some serious help. It’ll be up tomorrow, calm down

  • Lei

    bought xbox one and destiny 2 weeks ago…this is the only game i have and it is not living up to its name…they should do an online “practice” gameplay or something like COD. I mean, activision can add that too right?

  • Brian

    Yup, having the same issue. I just bought my PS4 and Destiny three days ago actually and I have only played once. What perfect timing… Hopefully they can pull their heads out of their behinds (to put it nicely) and figure out how to fix it.

  • Buubbles Crawford

    And I’m having problems getting on the zombies on advanced warfare havoc to server down wtf goin on uhgggggg

  • Buubbles Crawford

    Just got on and got the marionberry wtf they get hacked or something??

  • Eric Lavergne

    I am getting so sick of this crap. Since about 12:30 am est.

  • dlillroy2012

    I started getting error code marionberry on my xbox one at about 11:30 PST (west coast usa) and have not had any success in remedying it through conventional methods.

  • Jamie McDonald

    GT = V0L 4 Lif3…ISP = Comcast…time zone =C.S.T. bane of my existence = marionberry