Apple Watch UK release availability and free units

Apple is to announce the release date for its Watch device on March 9th, and we expect it will hit store shelves in April. However, what we have yet to ascertain is whether it will be a U.S. only release at first, or an international one.

Well, it seems as though Tim Cook has been helping to shed more light on things, and now we have a clearer picture of the Apple Watch UK release availability. From what Cook has been saying, it looks as though the Untied Sates will get its hands on the Apple Watch first in early April, and countries such as the UK, Germany and others will follow later that month.

This is great news and means that Apple is to not follow the same delayed rollout as the first iPhone and iPad. 9To5 Mac puts it best by saying this is a far more aggressive rollout, and we cannot help but be happy with this.

Apple Watch UK release availability

Free Apple Watch possibility for full time employees – During a recent visit to Apple’s Berlin flagship Store, Tim Cook was asked if they were to be given free units of this new device, as this was something Steve Jobs did when the iPhone was first launched in 2007. However, while Cook did not offer a definitive answer, he did say it gave him something to think about, so who knows, maybe this could happen.

It will be interesting to see if Apple Pay will also release at the same time as Apple Watch in other countries outside the U.S., as it would be perfect timing? At least we only have just over a week to find out.



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