2015 Galaxy Pro 12.2 Edition & Note 10.1, no show at MWC

By Peter Chubb - Mar 2, 2015

In January we tried to predict what it was Samsung would unveil during the Mobile World Congress, and while it was always obvious that there would be a Galaxy S6 release; it was all guesswork for new Samsung tablets. However, we did have a strong feeling that there would be new Galaxy Pro 12.2 Edition & Note 10.1 models for 2015.

However, it now looks as though that was wishful thinking seeing as though Samsung already had its Galaxy Unpacked event and the 2015 Galaxy Pro 12.2 Edition & Note 10.1, were a no show at MWC.

No new Samsung tablets at MWC 2015

This could come back to haunt Samsung, especially as Sony has unveiled its all-new Xperia Z4 Tablet, which has undergone several changes to make it an even better option for this year. Ok, so some of you would still prefer a new tablet from Samsung, but for now you will have to wait.

It’s a real shame because several of our readers really did think Samsung would showcase at least two new tablets during the Mobile World Congress, and to highlight an even higher AMOLED display resolution on the 2015 Galaxy Note 10.1.

Do you think Samsung made a huge mistake by not introducing at least two new tablets, or do you think they have something planned?

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  • sh

    Samsung hesitated and next years ipad air 3 will most likely include the stylus support from the apple pencil. Samsung, so many people with their wallets out, why do you give away your market share to other companies following suite to the stylus craze????? Your loyal costumers can only wait so long! I have been using a first gen ipad mini since it’s release waiting for your next refresh on the note 10 series. Apple or Microsoft are going to get my money because I can wait no longer since i’m going off to uni.

  • Jason Johnson

    Yea, This is nearly mid 2015 of future, as a futurist myself. I find it offensive that any Galaxy series would be a big deal since it is all same style and setting, but different OS and upgrade hardware, who cares! They should shake up the mobile industry by radically make something new kind of device that is so at least 22 century! They have the technology for it! ugh.. What the big deal about Note 5 nor Note Pro edition 2015. It is nothing different!

  • Choda Boy

    I have been waiting for the next over-priced generation of Note Pro 12 so I could give Samsung my money. I guess they just don’t want it. *shrug*

  • Tom Knoblaugh

    I look for Samsung to shake up the Mobile world again when they announce their next High-End tablets. I doubt very seriously there will be a Note 10.1 2015 edition. My call would be a Note 10.1 or 10.5 2016 Edition announced with a Note 5 phone in October. And I’d be surprised if they didn’t follow the S6 design for both.

  • bm

    Who is the decision maker in samsung. If they will continue this approach than they will become second nokia in mobile market. Im also waiting for new note 10.1. My old note 2 10.1 is working great and i want to give it to my daughter and want to buy newone.

  • Keith Vukasinovich

    Yep. They screwed the pooch. Stop with the plethora of midrange & low end junk. Meanwhile Surface Pro 3 is stealing the stylus spotlight. Samsung better pray that Microsoft doesn’t get bright enough to do a Windows phablet that uses that same stylus or they are gonna lose both phone & tablet business because consumers don’t want to have to cross platforms constantly.

  • selahau

    The real threat now is surface 3, full fledged win 8.1 with lte and gps plus proven stylus and type cover

  • mybigelephant

    don’t forget to mention the Note 8.

    It was iconic and Samsung suddelnly abandoned it releasing hundreds of cheap middle size tablets

    When I read about the release of a new 4:3 model my heart beat hoping to see a Note 8 update.

    I was wrong: they made another cheap and low range useless device

    I don’t expect anything anymore from this company

  • Doug

    I too am looking for the new S tablets consistent with my Note 3…and better than the current offerings that are now “old” technologies.

  • Lilith_Black

    I am still waiting for the new tablet hopefully with the 2048 sensitivity and a cleaned up S Note (that will be more useful like the lasso tool to change color and font, easy shape detection and creation for diagrams and graphing, and a manification that skips properly btwn the lines of the template.)

  • miyamoto

    bummer! am really waiting for a new note pro with amoled display

  • roghaz

    Samsung has clearly lost the plot.
    A premium phone with no SD card????

    No new 10″ tablet?? A wasted opportunity.
    These things are now viable laptop replacements except for storage. We need a fresh approach, using not SD, but M2 ssd.
    Samsung already have this, in ultra low power mode.
    Meanwhile, Microsoft will be fully rampant by summer with win10. A serious competitor.
    what a wasted time slot

  • Pascal Julian Kilian

    Damn, I was so looking forward to a new Note 10.1 edition 🙁 any idea when Samsung could announce it?

    • Simon the only one

      same here -.- Z4 is nice, but for school the note would be perfect cause of the S-pen

  • Android Fan

    Samsung really missed the Mark with their s6 debut. They copied Apple. Which is HORRIBLE because most people hate that stuff. No removable battery and no extra storage and the phones come with the same preset internal storage as an Apple phone? Yikes! Are you kidding me? Samsung has been outselling Apple for several years now and they lost a little bit of the lead last year, so they panicked. They weren’t selling phones not because people are switching, but because we were all waiting for the next Samsung release. We were hoping for some great stuff at the NWC and we were extremely disappointed. It was time to get new phones for my family and we were hoping to have good news coming from the NWC. We went on craigslist the next day and found the Note 4 and bought that instead! Don’t get me wrong, the new phones are beautiful, which is obviously what they were going for, but the first major difference that really sets us apart from the other guy is the removable battery and external storage. I was needing to replace my S 4 active, which I LOVED! I thoroughly enjoyed taking pictures of my kids in, yes IN, the pool and at waterparks. And I would drain my battery and my spouse would give me their battery so I could keep rolling the videos and snapping pictures! We are thoroughly disappointed.

  • kanishk

    Yaa i really foreforwardly waiting for note 10.1 2015 edition its 2014 edition has good features. And it was good alternative for the one who wants handy laptop+mobile app. mixture. Samsung discontinued 2014 edition and not revieled its new edition. I m puzzeled with that opinion of samsung company…!!!