Xur new items today and inventory for Feb 27

Xur is back in the tower once again folks and as always, we round up Xur’s new items this week and check out his full inventory for Friday February 27.

Last week we had the No Land Beyond sniper of course and the week before that it was the Ice Breaker again. Has Xur managed to put a smile on the face of Destiny players before the weekend, or is it going to be another disappointment?

For starters, we can tell you that Xur’s location on Feb 27 today is outside by the speaker. His primary exotic on offer is the Universal Remote which is a nice change from last week.


Elsewhere, Xur is selling the ATS/8 Arachnid and the Heart of the Praxic Fire armor set. The Heavy Ammo was probably the best thing about last week’s inventory, so are you happy with what Xur is selling on Feb 27?

We will add a video below as soon as we have it, confirming Xur’s location today and full inventory. Let us know how many strange coins you have spent today and your personal review of today’s exotic.

Is the Universal Remote worth buying or not?



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