Start pre-load for COD AW Havoc DLC on PS4

By Daniel Chubb - Feb 26, 2015

If you are wondering how to start the pre-load for Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Havoc DLC on PS4, or PS3, then don’t feel like you are alone with all the confusion. There’s a few problems being expressed on blogs and even the officially PlayStation community, although the issues seem to come in different forms for console owners. Some see waiting to install messages, others 3 download files, and some find the preload is not working.

While Down Today readers report some server problems and issues being able to download the COD AW Havoc DLC, even if they own a season pass, it seems those heading to the PlayStation community are finding that the DLC preload is confusing in another way. This involves an issue after they began downloading the add-on.


One PS4 owner said, “This morning my COD Havoc DLC started to download at last, although it did so in 3 different downloads. While they are downloading fine, I received a message from Sony saying thanks for my pre-order of Call of Duty AW Havoc DLC on PS4 and I would need to use the redeem voucher included. After I click and try to use the code, it says it has already been used”. It seems this user isn’t alone and some gamers are wondering why they even need the code in the first place, especially considering the download already started.

Are you having problems with the Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Havoc DLC and if so, is it to do with the pre-order? You can read some insight on the release time for UK and USA in this article, although no official time has been given by PlayStation at the time of writing.

Another Product Reviews reader said, “I’ve had the same thing as many others on PS4, once it’s done downloading I get the message “waiting to install”. Unfortunately it looks like you are not getting the game DLC early, but rather it will be ready for the moment the PS4/PS3 DLC release time arrives”. Head to this page to read about many other issues at the official community page, or leave any error codes and issues you have below.

If you don’t see Havoc listed on the PS Store, just run a search and you will see the link to download along with expansion information.

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  • Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

    Game froze, deleted itself, waited four hours to redownload game and dlc, excited to finally start playing, annnnnnnnd excitement immidietly lost after it says I don’t have the zombies map after I clearly have the zombies map, oh and I don’t have the other multiplayer maps, but thank god I got the freaking gun right?

    • Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

      Had to delete both and redownload…. again.

    • AW digital

      This might help if you have a digital copy of AW like me. The only problem I have had with this game is with Havoc, it says that the game is not fully installed or something is damaged. So I went to library, then clicked the options button on AW, then clicked on “information”. The downloading status on the game was something like 22GB/42,9GB, so this whole time, since the release of cod in november I have been playing on just the half size of the game?! Been playing single and mutliplayer without problems. But anyway I left it on the information page and waited util it were 42,9GB/42,9GB, after that I turned off and on my PS4 and now Havoc works like a charm 🙂

      Hope this can help someone else!

      (Sorry if the spelling is bad, I’m Swedish)

      • buzzkillbilly

        i have been looking everywhere wiv no joy and this is what was wrong ,nice one nice nice geezer ,much appreciated

      • Tim Jarrard

        thank you so much bro been on phone all day trying to get fixed

      • beautiful disaster

        THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR POSTING THIS HELPED ALOT !! now zombies havoc is working perfectly !!!!

  • W0w_PlAystaTion!

    This is fustrating me so much why cant playstation just give us the gun the maps and the zombies! I should of gone with xbox…..

  • £11.59 I spent on waiting

    Still have 2 waiting to install messages, cant play exo zombies, don’t have the new gun, don’t have the new maps. Anyone else feel ripped off after £11.59 and hours of looking for a fix?

  • Jdarkness

    When will the problem be fixed? Why leave us in the dark? We don’t care of double xp as compensation since we get it randomly away! Give us some skins at least!

  • coooooooop

    i have downloaded atlas gorge and this map pack and the only thing i can play is exo zombies PLEASE HELP ME

  • eXa_Rage

    Everybody delete cod advanced warfare content
    You will lose your campain
    Download it again
    And after that download all 3 dlc content
    This helpt 4 me !!!!

  • eXa_Rage

    They say download in game but the store is not working in game?

  • – –

    I have an error that says CE-37700-7 every time i try to download it.

  • OT14

    Does the DLC go into both accounts or just one? For the PS4

  • omgitsdex

    I suppose there it will be quite a large dlc this time because rather than just adding 4 multiplayer maps, a weapon and a map for a gamemode, they added 4 multiplayer maps, a weapon with10 variants for the weapon and an entirely new mode. I don’t think the next dlc will be as large because they only need to create a map for the new gamemode not the gamemode its self

  • immanuel

    for me it says ingame that i dont own the map or that i dont downloaded it correctly

  • eXa_Rage

    I downloaded all 3
    1installed but no map packs no exo zombies nothing
    Great job sledgehammer

  • Call of duty SERVICER

    Hey, I was just letting you know that you must let all three files download. All three are needed. 1 for AE4, 1 for exo zombies, 1 for all the maps (urban, core, sideshow, drift)

  • EverydayExpert_NL

    My download of Havoc was done and one was also installed ,.. but the 2 left says : Ready to instal
    and nothing happens please can someone tell me what is going on ?

    • jacob smith

      I have the exact same think

  • josh morgan

    When I was downloading havoc dlc it finish and said ready to install and nothing is happieng

    • EverydayExpert

      Hi Josh , just got the same problem as u got , i think it will be fixed tomorrow !

  • Sasian Truong

    all 3 downloaded and 1 installed…but the other 2 are “waiting to install”? o imma wait (even tho its been 3 hours)…better work by the time i wake up!!!

  • wes

    My pre order says its cancelled

  • Me

    I have the season pass, but it says i need to buy the dlc to play exo zombies

  • shroomz

    Yup ive been waiting since midnight and then the servers went down so i went to bed lol. I woke up restarted the game a couple times same problem. Restarted ps4 after looking on here update file added to downloads. Im use to xbox not giving me crap when i do something and the ps4 is just trying to make me worry. Bought a 360 for halo still have it. Bought a ps4 because customer support hates me. But this stuff and the amount of glitches I’ve run into already makes me sad. Ya know dissapointed parent glare lol

  • Dre

    Different server fix it wtf waited on download in now cant play wow zombies worked but multiplayer sayn wrong server yet i updated in installed everything

  • TomDobo

    Lol been playing this month now.

  • arealgamer

    Ps4- server is a different version: 1.11….smdh

  • nexus

    I’m DL ing now on ps4

  • timothy wolfe

    Havoc is out turn off system and restart!!!!!!! And there will be an update

  • chuck

    Its not there yet the game will let u know when its available

  • nexus

    20gigs for a dlc??? Really???

    • stevo

      exactly what i thought wtf is happening

  • jovahn

    Cant find it on store

  • Jessica Marie

    Is this season pass only content? Because thats all I can see on the PSN Store on PS4. .

  • j

    How do I find it on ps3?

  • Sinssir

    I own the season pass and i can’t even start the download, it just says not available for purchase because I own the season pass. Any ideas on a fix?

  • Johnny Peso

    I just started the download. Revvonpeso

  • drew

    Where can i even find the download? I can’t find it anywhere on ps4

  • timothywolfe

    Yes!!!!help us I woke up at 3:00 for this!!!!!

  • Branden

    Is it really necessary to download all 3 files? I cannot see we need to and it’s like 15GB in all.

    • Lewis

      After speaking to PlayStation support today, it looks like we have to download all three files.

    • EverydayExpert

      No i believe you really need all 3 ,. we all know AW is kinda Chlitchy so if evertone just is al little bit more patient it will come

  • Rob

    My PS4 is saying waiting to install, guess I wait now until the BST release time.

  • Mike

    Same problem, no idea why a code is needed as my download has started.

    • jd

      can’t find anything on ps3.

      • kurt

        Why is it not on ps3 yet