PS Plus March 2015 free games countdown on PS4, PS3

By Alan Ng - Feb 26, 2015

We are literally hours away from the PS Plus March 2015 free games announcement by Sony. As this is the last week of February, Sony will definitely reveal the PS Plus March lineup by the end of the week and we now know that Helldivers won’t be included.

Helldivers was one of the rumored games on PS4, as it was already scheduled to be launched on March 3. However, the developers of the game have confirmed in a Reddit AMA that their game won’t be part of Sony’s lineup next month.

That’s exciting as it means that we have two brand new games coming to PS4 that so far haven’t been leaked yet. We told you hours ago that the Xbox One game for March Games with Gold was rumored to be Rayman Legends – that has now been confirmed by Microsoft.


By our account, we make that the first AAA game that Microsoft has offered on Xbox One to date and it means that the pressure is now on Sony to counter-attack with some great games of their own.

It can only mean a win win situation for PS Plus subscribers of course, so we await the final confirmation with great excitement.

What are your last minute predictions for the PS Plus March 2015 lineup on PS4 and PS3? We know that it won’t be Helldivers, so tell us the two games that you WANT to see and the two games that you THINK we’ll see instead.

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  • Ted

    I don’t think this is likely but it’d be really awesome if they’re releasing the Ps4 version of the escapists and making it free

  • Zack Hartman

    Don’t starve please

  • Muhd Faezin (Tiago – Rio 2)

    Hopefully, Driveclub PS Plus Edition will be free 🙂

  • ed

    Keep up the indies. If it’s a AAA title, I probably already own it. Especially if it’s KZ:SF, Knack, or another launch game. I’d rather have something I’d never think to try, let alone buy, on my own. Last month’s Apotheon & Transistor were fantastic. Maybe they’ll surprise us with the PS4 version of Journey. And I never did play The Unfinished Swan. I’d take that too.

  • stu

    As long as It’s not Knack as I’ve just swapped my disc copy for digital with it going down to $10