Pokemon ORAS Mew unlock with QR Code

By Alan Ng - Feb 26, 2015

Following on from our earlier report on the Pokemon ORAS QR Code trend that is sweeping social media at the moment, we have further claims suggesting that Mew can also be put into the game with the same method.

As far as we’re aware, Game Freak has not acted yet on this latest method to put rare Pokemon into Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, or event Pokemon that haven’t been officially distributed yet such as Volcanion.

Now, we can see that some players are using the trick to transfer Mew into Pokemon ORAS via QR code. The code that players are using has been shared to Reddit and we have included it below.


Be warned though, this is a hacked Pokemon and there’s rumors that you may not be able to put it into your Poke Bank. Some players also do not like any hacked Pokemon in their database, so make sure you are aware of this if you are tempted to try it.

You may not be able to take this Mew into battle online as well once transferred, but you may not care about this as long as you have one of the rarest original Pokemon on your ORAS save file.

If you are trying this, let us know your results below. Have you been tempted to use other QR codes to put other rare Pokemon into ORAS?

Do you think Game Freak should patch this exploit up as soon as possible?

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  • 19Funnyguy

    Does scanning for QR Codes work on iPads?

  • hodbgod

    this doesn’t work 🙁

  • TinchoX

    Note that the “QR Exploit” only works up to version 9.5.0-22U (For US Consoles)
    And it’s probably the same for EU/JAP consoles as well.

    So if you’ve got yourself updated to 9.5.0-23 and so on, you will not be able to use this method.

  • drago12345999

    warning do not try to scan these codes he will try to inject a viros into your 3ds and heres some more advice if it sounds too good to be true than it probobly is

    • TinchoX

      Nope, no viruses or anything harm done to your 3DS, this is a video game console NOT a PC which has an OS that can be modified like so.

  • coolj708

    how do you cheack you f c

  • coolj708


  • coolj708

    plz help meh

  • coolj708

    i cant because i used the camra and it just says injecting elxploit

  • the mother bucker

    cant people just get a new 2 ds and start doing on that one or will the new one have the shity firmware to cuz i feel bad for them

  • llamaz123

    If the system is supposed to crash for it to work, mine wont. So no mew. Thanks anyway. 🙁

    • Zach

      If you updated your 3DS, it won’t work. They patched this exploit in the newest update. Only people who didn’t update can use it

  • Chashey Pease

    I have a legal mew but I hacked a shiny because I felt like it wanna know a trick if you hack breedable pokemon there babies are legit for some reason! !!!!!!!!!!!

    • Joe

      Please trade me one

  • Bobbington

    Didn’t work

  • Bczar

    didn’t work, but here’s how to use it
    Home screen then left trigger + right trigger:
    if you scan it correctly it’ll open your 3ds browser and say “running exploit”
    for me part of the page failed to load, seems sketch tho
    don’t waste your time either, didn’t work

    • butthole

      you probably used a later version of 3ds firmware. the most recent update won’t work.

      git gud

    • Zach

      dont waste your time… seriously. it does work, you just updated your 3ds to the newest crappy version. They patched it in the newest update

  • Kitty

    What do u use to get it?

  • the mother bucker

    eat a big d*ck nintendo you cant stop are hacking with your crappy poke bank

    • butthole