MKX Brutality gameplay and Johnny Cage teased

NetherRealm Studios have just revealed brutalities in Mortal Kombat X, completely revamping the system compared to what you would have seen with the longer combos in UMK3.

Now, we know that there’s going to be over 100 brutalities in the game and seem to be like extended fatality moves that can be chained into a combo – perhaps akin to an old school ‘Ultimate’ finisher from Killer Instinct back in the SNES days.

Gone are the long 10 hit+ combos and the exploding bones that you would have seen in the past. In comes an even nastier way to finish your opponent on top of the unique fatality that a character will already have.

You can check out a showcase of Mortal Kombat X brutality gameplay below to see how it works and then let us know what you think.


Meanwhile, Ed Boon is at it again on Twitter. He’s teasing another new character for the game and it looks like it could be the moment when we’ll finally see Johnny Cage revealed.

He’s posted a picture of a steel cage on his page, literally, and said that this character will be revealed tomorrow. The important information is that the potential MKX Johnny Cage reveal time will be at 8am CST time.

So, that means 2PM GMT, 6am Pacific Time and 9am for those on Eastern Time on Friday February 27. It looks like we may also get the first look at how the Mortal Kombat X story mode will pan out, aside from the faction features that have already been revealed.

What are your thoughts on brutalities in MKX, do you like the way they work? Let us know if you are excited to see Johnny Cage later on Friday.



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