COD Havoc DLC 3 download file sizes confuse

By Daniel Chubb - Feb 26, 2015

There is now some further confusion by Call of Duty Advanced Warfare owners trying to download the Havoc DLC, as they see 3 file sizes on PS4 at 5.43 GB, 5.42 GB, and 5.62 GB. This has led to comments asking about the correct file they should download for the first Advanced Warfare downloadable content.

Having installed the COD Advanced Warfare update today, you will see Zombies within the menu along with the Havoc DLC for purchase after clicking it. If you don’t have a season pass, then just purchase for Β£11.59 in the UK and following this you will see the 3 files to download that we’ve showcased within a screenshot below.


Thanks to having BT Fibre broadband in the UK, we haven’t got a problem with downloading all three files at over 15GB. This will take under 2 hours for us, and even quicker for many in London, but some rural areas in Scotland won’t have fun downloading every file for the COD Havoc DLC. This is why we’ve seen many comments asking, “What file do I download for Advanced Warfare Havoc DLC?”.

Some people have even been searching the file sizes to see if any of these downloads are for certain regions, like one for the UK and another for USA, or by regions in the UK. We phoned PlayStation support to help Product Reviews readers and were told that all three must be downloaded at this time.

Are you happy to download all 3 file sizes for Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Havoc DLC and if so, how long will it take for you? It’s strange that the 5.43GB, 5.62GB, and 5.42GB files must be downloaded and no more information can be given about each file. We’ve also heard about a few people that installed the 1.11 update and get an error message saying something like, “server is a different version to 1.11”. Share comments below.

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  • Steven Bellham

    I’ve downloaded havoc and it plays fine. But once I download Reckoning it won’t let me play an online match at all.

  • Chris

    have to wait 20 hours yeah !!

  • Craigo

    You definitely don’t need to download all three, I downloaded 1 then deleted the other two and have new maps, new zombies and new weapon

    • Nesh

      How can you tell tell which dlc to download on the ps4…which one supports the Pacific region?

  • Bowen

    I’ts only about 3 GB on PS3 with the same price, I live in the UK.
    I’m assuming the three downloads are for the three perks, one is for the new gun in multiplier, the second is for the extra maps and the other is for exo zombies.

  • Safad123

    I live in USA and it says 5.532 gb is that normal that is the only download for it.

  • shasha’a

    hey guys i just bought it and downloaded the havoc dlc but it keeps on saying (waiting to install) please help

  • Killshotz2k15

    I had the same em problem most of you are having, all you need to do is delete the maps from your system that ain’t working, then go on playstation store and go to your downloads, then re download them and it should work as it did for me πŸ™‚ hope this helps

  • Milky Cod Gamer .

    I have downloaded all three but when I go on advanced warfare it wont work anyone help????

  • jeffrey

    some1 help me today if bought the new aw dlc the new maps and the ae4 if download it but i got the maps but i didnt get the ae4 how plz help me

  • alex

    Help me! Ive Downloaded the dlc 3 days ago and now im still waiting for it to work, i already have it insalled but it wont work.

    • Siddharth Krishna

      you have the wrong region disc , i had the same problem .i borrowed my friends eu cd and the add on installed . but i need to eu cd to play the dlc , so i guess i am screwed !

      • david todevski

        Hey, i have the US version of the DLC and i have the EU cd….can we contact through facebook or skype so we can share eachothers dlc’s so we can play the dlc ?:D reply here if you want πŸ˜€

  • Jimmy smith

    Mine just says waiting to install after the few hours and doesnt do nothing what do i do

    • Siddharth Krishna

      you have the wrong region disc , i had the same problem .i borrowed my
      friends eu cd and the add on installed . but i need to eu cd to play the
      dlc , so i guess i am screwed

    • Kerry Jessett

      Siddharth and I have had a discussion about this – I finally worked out what was wrong – see my messages (in this thread somewhere!) for a long explanation!!

  • abdi

    Looking for aw dlc usa giving aw dlc europe. Kik me: huseingedikah. If you didnt know that if your game is from usa you cant have europe dlc and if your game is from europe you cant have dlc from usa thats why its saying waiting installiation.

  • Siddharth Krishna

    are they going to do something about this ?? i have reached out to activision every way i can ! no use. they ask us to download through the ingame store , that doesnt work

  • tayor

    im downloading them now and its only showing one of the three packs and how long does it take

  • Dan

    All 3 add ins have been downloaded but only one has installed, the other 2 say ‘waiting to install’ it’s been like that for atleast one day, and I’ve also deleted them and downloaded them again and that didn’t work, and I’ve tried to restore licences but that didn’t work either, and ideas?

    • Sean

      mine are the same yet i can use the pack fine i dont think they two matter if they are installed

  • disqus_TjI666w7iB

    i tried it but there is only one file for me any help?

    • disqus_TjI666w7iB

      and if i click store in the game its says. There is no content it might not be on sale yet, or might no longer be for sale

      • Kerry Jessett

        Mine says the same!!

        • Siddharth Krishna

          are they going to do something about this ?? i have reached out to activision every way i can ! no use. they ask us to download through the ingame store , that doesnt work and it says ” no content is for sale “

        • Kerry Jessett

          Hi Siddharth, I’m glad to have finally found someone with the same issue (although it’s rubbish for us to be having this problem). I called Activision on Friday and the lady suggested I just download one of the files from the PS store – still no good – it just sticks on ‘waiting to download’. And like you, my in-game store is giving me the ‘no content’ message. I’m going to be calling again tomorrow to either get it sorted (but I’m losing hope of this) or getting my money refunded. Glad I only paid for this DLC rather than the season pass (I also have the game on Xbox 360 and thankfully have the DLC on that, anyway). Really disappointed at the moment though with the whole PS4 thing.

        • Siddharth Krishna

          thanks a lot ! i thought i was like the only one, good to know other people are going through the exact same thing , feels like there is hope ,lol !
          please let me know once you speak to them or if you fix it . i tried the live chat , all they told me was check twitter. activision cant really do this and give no fix for four days ! thanks in advance

        • Kerry Jessett

          Hi again Siddharth,

          Well – I think I have finally sorted out what the problem is – apologies if this is long!!

          I bought my AW disc from Amazon; the Day Zero edition. The code inside for the AE4 never worked, but I thought nothing of it. Fast forward to trying to install Havoc, and I examined the box. Turns out, the disc I was sent from Amazon was the USA version – not UK (which is where I am). I borrowed a friend’s copy of the disc this evening. They have the UK version. I put it in, and within about 10 seconds the DLC (which was stuck on ‘waiting to install’) installed!!

          I immediately contacted Amazon, and they have agreed to refund me on the original disc as clearly the wrong region was sent to me. I am going to buy the UK version, so should then be up and running!!

          Check your game box. The big clue for me was that the address on the back of the box (Activision) was a USA address, whereas my friend’s box had a European address (Netherlands). I hope you can get this sorted – I feel relieved to have finally – hopefully – got to the bottom of this problem!! Let me know how you get on.

          Kerry x

        • abi

          what should i do my game is usa version and my dlc is europe how can i solve this? I got the same problem before this on cod black ops it worked why not now?

        • Kerry Jessett

          Hi abi,

          Unfortunately, I tried this and as Siddharth said, it won’t work πŸ™ You need to have the European disc inserted for the dlc to play. Is there any chance you could return your USA disc as you will have been sold it in error if you’re in the UK? I was lucky and Amazon were very understanding – so I’ve actually ended up paying about Β£14 less for the new version, which actually works!

        • abi

          would it work if i borrow my friends disc eu and after play on my us version?

        • Siddharth Krishna

          i think it would only install the add on . you need the eu disc to play the dlc . check and let me know if you find a way to use it like that

        • Siddharth Krishna

          Hey kerry ! thanks a lot for the help ! I have exact same copy ( the day zero thing) , my friend came over and solved it tonight for me .He has the india and europe thing ( I live in india) and mine is the us one . the retail shop where i bought it gave me the us one and I didnt notice. I cant return it for sure πŸ™ and i cant use his cd , install the add on and then use mine (it recognizes as two different games) . Not sure what to do . I am surprised activision didn’t care enought to help us with this . we had to solve it ourselves !
          Thanks again ,
          send me your gamer tag in psn,what other games do you play ?

        • Kerry Jessett

          Hiya, well I’m glad it was sorted (kind of!) and that was the answer to your problem, too. It could be worth trying to return it – if you’ve been sold a basically useless copy of the game, the store may well do the “right thing” and refund you? Whatever happens, I hope you get on eventually and manage to play the dlc. The PS4 player is primarily my son, I will ask him if he minds me sending you is gamer tag πŸ™‚ Kerry

  • Rodge

    Awww man wtf whys it such a big file I just downloaded one and it’s took me all day on my crappy 20mb broadband now I have to download the other two an all dying light was only 16gb whys it 15 for cod dlc

    • Rodge

      And I’m taking dying light the full game lol

  • Adam

    I bought the dlc pack but I deleted one of the updates by accident what will I do

    • Thomas

      I did the same!

      • Adam

        Did it still work for you Thomas ???

  • Hennie

    All my downloads take 47 hours, 50 hours and 99+ hours… help please.

    • Joe

      Same were screwed,I only had one to download took 3 days coz my net is so bad then I couldn’t install,so I deleted it now got 3 it’s gunna take 2 wks to finish if it even lets me install em

  • smuslera

    I bought the dlc from my other acc. I cant use the ae4 in my main acc just in the acc where im purchasiing things.
    Can anybody help me

    • frank

      I hace the same problemas help us

  • Dre

    I purchased all maps months ago have had AE4 and Widowmaker since then BUT I had only 1 download to do and I did it. Now says I haven’t purchased Havoc? Don’t know what to do!

  • Dylan

    I live in Australia but which of the 3 downloads to i have to get??

    • skuxr

      All three, i live in australia too, once you download all three they will install and you can play

      • Dylan

        alright thanks

  • Siddharth Krishna

    i have had the same “waiting to install ” issue for hours now ! this is really frusturating .how long do they expect us to wait . they shouldnt be having these issues at all , its not like the dlc is charity or something right ?
    please help me out guys , is there anything i can do

    • skuxr

      Dude you need to download all three then they install

      • Siddharth Krishna

        i did download all three of them , all of the files had “waiting to install” thing

        • Dan

          I have the same problem, all 3 have been downloaded but only one has installed, the other 2 say ‘waiting to install’ it’s been like that for atleast one day, and I’ve also deleted them and downloaded them again and that didn’t work, any ideas?

        • Siddharth Krishna

          try the ingame store , it didnt work for me though πŸ™

      • Siddharth Krishna

        thanks anyway man , i will try reinstalling them

    • Joe

      I try loading the game up then go on downloads that’d should start it or try restating the p4 let me know if this helps

  • Muzzy

    Australia file please?

  • Thomas

    Which file do i have to download? I live in the netherlands

    • Tom

      Just the 5.6 I think. That seems to be the case for the rest of Europe. Eg. Uk, Norway, France etc. that worked for me

  • Dan Tadman

    I have all packs downloaded however one says installed and the other two say waiting to install, they have been like that for an hour now. I’ve even tried booting up the game to see if they’d install on start up but got nothing. Any ideas to how to fix this would be much appreciated!

    • thomas

      I have the same issue send me a message back if it fixed and hoe

      • Tom

        Don’t worry, this is not a problem. Only one file is applicable for your region. The game only installs the correct one. You should have Everything

        • thomas

          Do i have to delete the files that wont install?

    • Tom

      Don’t worry, this is not a problem. Only one file is applicable for your region. The game only installs the correct one. You should have all the content

      • Dan Tadman

        Thanks however I just went into the multiplayer menu and it also appears that I do not have the AE4 (dlc weapon). Any reason to why this is?

        • Tom

          I am not sure, I got it with the season pass a few months ago so unfortunately I can’t help you there. Have you got zombies and the maps though?

        • Dan Tadman

          I believe so I’ll reboot and try again

        • Tom

          Ok good but if you don’t get the weapon then maybe contact Sony in a few days because they will be busy now. Hope that I could help a littleπŸ˜„

        • Dan Tadman

          Thank you! You were a big help

        • Tom

          No problem

  • Stephen East

    i downloaded all three and they didn’t work so i deleted them so i could re download them and now they wont download, is there any way to get a refund.

  • Pow

    I just downloaded all three but they all say waiting to install? What do I do because it’s not installing?

    • TerrifyingSkillz

      then you downloaded the wrong region. Where did you get your disc from?

  • MR PS4

    HAVE NO FEAR…….On the ps3 download it tells you which to download accordiing to your country. I downloaded but wouldnt install until I worked out the correct download. SORTED. See you online. Enjoy.

  • Jesse Wevers

    i downloaded 1 of the 3 but now its stuck on waiting to install content ???? do i have to download all 3 i live i belgium

    • skuxr

      download update and restore licenses then restart ps4 πŸ™‚

  • Str8JDM90

    I’m in California and have a PS4 and all I had to download was a 1.52gb update file and rlthe 5.54gb havoc dlc and that was it

    • Nathan Smith

      Hey I’m the only person that follows you so I was wondering if you would GameShare havoc with me and we could play some zombies or multiplayer together

  • Nockeyboy

    Do people in uk just need to download the 5.6gb ???

    • Tom

      yep, worked for me

      • Nockeyboy

        did it download zombies and maps

        • jacob smith


  • ryan

    15GB for a dlc what has 4 maps your having a fuckin laugh no wonder we dont ever have memory left i got 1tb hd but still tops up quick its a joke!!!

  • SuperKanin

    In Norway you only need the 5,62GB file!

    • Massimo Billi

      I’m in Italy do you think that does it work also for me?

      • SuperKanin

        If u have the same game code as me I think it will. CUSA 00851.

    • Tom

      same in the uk, so i would imagine that italy would aswell

    • John Blue

      Thank you, gonna see if it’s the same in Finland and only download the other two if it doesn’t work

  • Tom

    hi guys, in the UK the file you need is the 5.6 GB download. Hope this helped

    • sam

      So I don’t need to download the smaller files if im in UK?

      • Tom

        no, just the bigger one. delete the others

  • stan

    I also live in plymouth

  • stan

    Ps3 and has taken me 3 hours to download

  • The hash brown is real

    If you have the PS3 slim it has 12g flash drive not a hard drive ..look on the side .there is a slot for a hard drive will be able to install it ,upgrade your flash drive to a hard drive ..if u have a old ps..take out the old hard drive and install it in you slim 12g

    • The hash brown is real

      bTW ..once you place the hard drive into your slim will be extremely loose ,because u need a hard drive caddy to keep it in place ..order it online for about 5$ or go to your local game store and see if they have any extras..if u can’t find any ..pieces of cardboard will do the trick πŸ‘

  • stevo

    guys i own a ps3 but i have the stupid 12 gb and i went on to the store to see if the havoc dlc was up and it says its 18.4gb!!! wtf is that real

  • Jase

    I paid for season pass already $64.95, downloaded dlc, checked my bank account and another $64.95 has been deducted.

  • tom

    You need to download the map pack from the game after you’ve done the update, this will fix the downloading all 3 problem πŸ™‚

    • nick

      is it free?

      • Brandon Braap Braap Palet

        No. Its $14.99 usd. Wait on it. Psn may fix it.

        • skuxr

          they have not properly released the update, sledgehammer will need to fix their cod servers it has nothing to do with a sony update.

        • Brandon Braap Braap Palet

          Mine is now working

    • carlos

      Could u go into more depth and explain it a bit more

  • skuxr

    CONFIRMED FIX FOR PS4 USERS (NOT PS3): Delete file number 1 (if you already updated), stops server 1.11 error. PS4 users only

    • Michael Peters

      Which one should file #1 on the picture? 5.43GB or 5.62GB?

      • skuxr

        just checked, dont delete it, sony will fix the 1.11 error. bro dont delete

        • Michael Peters

          officially announced? ps blog?

        • skuxr

          someone tweeted and said sony is going to fix it, but give it a day for them.

    • Brock

      What is file number one? Same issue with 1.11 error. Updated COD advanced warfare today, downloaded season pass (not completed downloading maps yet) still coming up with error. Explain the fix…

      • skuxr

        Dont delete anything, keep everything you downloaded (3 DLCs and 1 Update file) Sony will fix the servers within the next 12 – 24 hours, they need to create a patch anyway.

        • Davinho275

          But Sony has nothing to do with it!? ^^ F*cks me up.. -.-

  • Christy Wheeler

    Idk but I wish they would hurry up and fix this crap

  • Ash

    i think i just screwed myself, deleted 2 of the files and left the bigger one to download, can i get the others back? and how do i do this? please help

    • skuxr

      You have no choice but to download them again :/

      • Ash

        ive got 90mins left on the 5.62 file, if i wait till its done and try download all 3 again can i just delete the 5.62 file ?

        • skuxr

          Dont delete anything, just download everything

        • Ash

          it too late, thats my problem but i found out that the large file is for zombies and seeing as i dont want multiplayer maps atm ill get them back later, so If you ONLY want zombies just get the 5.62 file

        • Adam

          So if I deleted he other two will I be able to play zombies

        • marshall


  • bluur

    Whats this server is a different version 1.11 so annoying how to fix?

  • nampon01

    also got the 1.11 error. what do i do?

  • Adam

    I can’t go on to any online matches, just chucks me out and error server is a different version comes up?? Pissing me off! Also will not let me add funds to my wallet???

  • Gugli Bebie

    I got the 1.11 error how to fix or what meens te error?

  • Billy

    I also was told that all 3 must be downloaded, this is stupid. I heard that we can pick just one file after today, although I am not sure if this rumor is true. It should be clear from the start.