Tech and Gaming Magazine live for Product Reviews Net

The technology and gaming magazine for Product Reviews Net has just gone live on If you know this publishing platform well, then you will also know that Issuu has over 85 million active readers and reaches a massive number of publishers. In fact, the latest stats reveal that Issuu has over 21 million publications.

Each month, you can read the Tech + Gaming magazine live on the dedicated magazine page, which can be found at the top of every page and right here. While we don’t want to push people away from the main website, this will always be the most updated source, it’s a great way to connect to Product Reviews within a digital magazine format. The magazine will also run exclusive features each month and these won’t be found on the website.


The range of topics covered within the Tech + Gaming magazine include auto features, a preview of technology and gaming events for the coming months, upcoming game DLC, featured industry news, key product and game releases, Kickstarter projects and crowdfunding, popular apps at the time of publication, recent recalls, wearable tech, and featured news in mobile and tablet.

You can also read the March 2015 issue of Tech + Gaming by Product Reviews below this article. Just click read to take a look and if you wish to purchase ad space within the magazine, or send us editorial, then see our media kit here.

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