Looking for Destiny Xur on Feb 27

By Alan Ng - Apr 15, 2015

We look ahead to another Xur location on February 27 for Destiny players. Last week was another to forget for the Agent of the Nine, so is this going to be the week when we finally see the mighty Gjallarhorn?

We always go on about it, but it’s still the weapon that everyone hopes to see every Friday now that Xur has offered the Ice breaker twice in short succession – a real bargain for 17 strange coins.

Xur needs to offer it on Friday, purely to shut everyone up so that the Gjallarhorn isn’t on the agenda every single week. Another weapon that players want to see is Suros Regime, but we remember Xur having this a few times shortly after launch.


As always, Xur’s spawn time in the tower on Feb 27 won’t change. Expect to see him pop up in the UK at 9am GMT, 1am Pacific Time and 4am Eastern Time for those playing in the US.

We can imagine that most of you have hordes of strange coins waiting for Xur to drop the Gjallarhorn once and for all. In terms of other items though, is there something obscure that you want which will compliment your setup nicely?

Is it true that it is all about the Gjallarhorn and Suros Regime, or are you looking for something else?

UPDATE: Xur is live and he is outside by the speaker area. Find out his full inventory on Feb 27 here.

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  • James Hill

    I would like to get the Monte Carlo off of xur

  • Viktor

    I pulled Suros from Crota himself 2 days ago. Tho I’m very happy with my mini-ghorn aka Hunger of Crota, I still would like to get Gjallarhorn. And now Xur is not gonna sell it… only because it is too good. Hmm so Bungie just sold Ice Breaker twice in 1 month – so it’s not as good of a gun? I’m just saying Xur has a strange role – now that bungie removes Good exotics because they r too good from Xurs inventory, and Xur is the only guy who uses strange coins – whats the point to even play weekly nightfall? Heavy Ammo Synth? Which he almost never have in his inventory, but then again, I have 110 strange coins … aka 550 heavy ammo synth, aka I don’t have Ghorn, aka why do I care? I think bungie should revisit Xurs functionality. And if they are making a decision to remove Ghorn from Xur because it is too good of a gun to be sold by Xur, then they should remove and reimburse all ghorns form ppl who bought it before. Otherwise they actions don’t even make any sense.

  • vashtanerada

    Xur won’t have the gjallarhorn because bungie said everyone wouldn’t do anything like the nightfall everyone would be overpowered

  • Savy

    Im looking for the Hard Light, Hawkmoon but doubt xur will have it, universal remote, patience and time, truth, and thunderlord. Good luck to everyone wanting what they want and personally i dont think xur will sell GJALLARHORN again just because it would really break the game, and most people including bungie already know this. Sorry to anyone wanting gjallarhorn… I mean why didnt you get it when xur had it is the million dollar question…

    • SkullCowboy

      Gee… maybe because it was only sold during Week 2. Most players hadn’t achieved the 17 Strange coins needed or for that matter, even knew who Xur was at that time. Lest we forget this game came without instructions or any notification about Xur. I didn’t find out about him until over a month into the game when a buddy asked if I knew what he had? “Who the **** is Xur?”

      Not all of us live in the Bungie forums.

    • Viktor

      There was a leak and hardlight should be this or next week. My roommate for it from Atheon last week and it’s an OK gun for PVE, and pretty good one for PVP.

      Hawkmoon is PS4 exclusive so Xur will never sell it, unless Hawkmoon will go Xbox too. I pulled Hawkmoon from playing a regular Strike. It was a surprise. Btw – really good gun, but again – another exotic. I prefer Fatebringer, Ice Breaker, Hunger of Crota on-me set.

      Y do you think that gjallarhorn would break something what’s already broken? It’s not AMAZING. It’s good. 1 shot of gjallarhorn is 1.5 shot of hunger of crota which is legendary. And also Xur sold Ice Breaker twice in 1 months and in first 2 days he had is he sold 1.1 million of Ice breakers – did it break the game? Ice Breaker is the best special weapon. The problem is that if he going to sell gjallarhorn then people going to buy it and stop playing Destiny until House of Wolves or even Comet will be released. This is the only reason why ppl are still playing – to get gjallarhorn.