Looking for Destiny Xur on Feb 27

We look ahead to another Xur location on February 27 for Destiny players. Last week was another to forget for the Agent of the Nine, so is this going to be the week when we finally see the mighty Gjallarhorn?

We always go on about it, but it’s still the weapon that everyone hopes to see every Friday now that Xur has offered the Ice breaker twice in short succession – a real bargain for 17 strange coins.

Xur needs to offer it on Friday, purely to shut everyone up so that the Gjallarhorn isn’t on the agenda every single week. Another weapon that players want to see is Suros Regime, but we remember Xur having this a few times shortly after launch.


As always, Xur’s spawn time in the tower on Feb 27 won’t change. Expect to see him pop up in the UK at 9am GMT, 1am Pacific Time and 4am Eastern Time for those playing in the US.

We can imagine that most of you have hordes of strange coins waiting for Xur to drop the Gjallarhorn once and for all. In terms of other items though, is there something obscure that you want which will compliment your setup nicely?

Is it true that it is all about the Gjallarhorn and Suros Regime, or are you looking for something else?

UPDATE: Xur is live and he is outside by the speaker area. Find out his full inventory on Feb 27 here.



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