Final Fantasy XIV Gold Saucer music for FF7, FF8 fans

Hours ago, we told you that Square-Enix were planning to drop the big Manderville Gold Saucer update with the Final Fantasy XIV 2.51 patch.

Now, we’re pleased to say that the patch has now gone live and with it, the doors to the Gold Saucer are now open for all. You’ll need to complete a small quest in Ul’Dah to unlock the Manderville Gold Saucer in Final Fantasy 14.

It’s straight forward though and you’ll soon pick up your air ticket ready to enjoy the new Gold Saucer and its glorious new activities.

What we wanted to talk about though is the surprise you’ll get when you first take a tour of the area. For starters, Square-Enix has remixed the original Gold Saucer music from Final Fantasy VII and when you first enter the arena, the nostalgia is going to hit you like a ton of bricks.


Not only that, but Square-Enix has also offered the original soundtrack for Triple Triad from Final Fantasy 8, another wonderful surprise that fans will enjoy.

We can also see that the two original Chocobo themes from Final Fantasy 7 are included in the Manderville Gold Saucer as well, so it really is a treat from Square-Enix.

For those that want to enjoy the tracks in their entirety, we have found this SoundCloud link which currently hosts the tracks online.

If you grew up on FF7 and FF8, give us your reaction when you heard the Gold Saucer theme and Triple Triad themes in FF14 for the first time.



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