Battlefield Hardline EA Access jealousy on PS4

By Alan Ng - Feb 25, 2015

If you didn’t realize the benefits of EA Access yet, EA has given another reason why their unlimited access program really is a special treat in terms of playing the best games early.

The publisher has just announced that a Battlefield Hardline trial is going to be added to EA Access. That means for your $4.99 subscription, you’ll be able to play as many EA games as you can get your hands on.

As a treat, EA Access members will be able to play 10 hours of Battlefield Hardline on March 12, five days before the official launch date of March 17 everywhere else.


This is well worth the effort as EA has confirmed that this 10 hour trial will save your data and carry it across to the full game should you decide to buy it.

To top it all off, if you are an EA Access member, you get a further 10% discount off from the price of Battlefield Hardline on Xbox One – making this a really sweet deal.

Remember that data did not carry over from the beta, so it looks like EA has kept this feature exclusive to their EA Access subscribers.

Are you tempted to take EA up on their offer? Remember at the moment, EA Access is exclusive to Xbox One as it’s not available on PS4 yet – it will be interesting to see if Sony regrets not doing a deal with EA.

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  • Blastiel

    The title is pure click bait! lol

    As a PS4 owner I can assure you the ability to have 10 hours early access to a game 5 days before it comes out followed by 10% discount on a stupidly high digital price does in no way make me jealous.

  • adz

    £4.99 a month or year too get 10hours early access?

  • Battlefield: Hard Sell

    You call it early access for Xboners, I say it is a delayed relase for PS4 players – as it is clear the game could be released on 12 March.
    Considering that Sony has the largest market share in the current gen console market, I would have thought it might be EA who regret siding with X1 over PS4..
    If, like me, PS4 gamers see this as a Xbox “timed exclusive”, I think it might hurt EA more than Sony. I know I will be waiting for this game to be discounted now that I am waiting longer than Xboners anyway. I reckon they backed the wrong horse. Having said that, CoD AW sales were still higher than X1 sales even though Activision screw over their PS4 gamers by making them wait a month for DLC – the only difference is that the vanilla CoD is released on the same time across all platforms. I still buy CoD, but not any DLC for that reason. I am not $20 for 4 maps that are a month old. I think the CoD and Battlefirld markets have a certain “bro” element – and these guys are not all that sophisticated in terms or realising they are getting screwed (by EA or Activision). However, if they get a big bag of money of Microsoft, I can hardly blame EZ/Activision. Rather, I would blame those consumers who will pay the same price for the delayed PS4 version.
    I have a lot of gaming queued up with DA:I (yes, I know its EA but its GOOD) and ACU still not finished. Then I will be getting the Order. Once all that is done I will check to see if BH is half price – if not, I won’t get it at all. The other reason I think this is a pretty low move from EA is that B4 was an unmitigated disaster on Playstation platforms and they “thank” their Playstation customers with this.

    • NgTurbo

      Dragon Age Inquisition is awesome, not good! Could do with some fresh MP content though like new areas..

      • Daniel evans

        i agree that dragon age is awesome. im currently playing it on pc but i find the game too bloody hard. im certain i only chose medium difficulty at the start but im not too sure. everytime i get to a boss it takes like 3 days just to try beat them. im at a point now (the new castle home base, i forgot the name lol) and everything around me is just hard. everything from side quests to main quests. i dont know what to do about it as leveling up takes a long time.ill keep at it though because as we said, its AWESOME xD