Pokemon ORAS QR codes for Volcanion, Hoopa

By Alan Ng - Feb 24, 2015

Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire players are finding new ways to unlock unreleased Pokemon before Game Freak and Nintendo have the chance to release them officially.

We already know that an official Hoopa event is on the way to the game soon, but once again there is a new method to put him in the game right now – thanks to Pokemon ORAS QR codes.

Some are calling it a Pokemon ORAS exploit, others are calling it modifying mechanics that are already inside the game.

Either way, players are asking how to use Pokemon ORAS QR codes and there’s already several guides available online with full instructions.


A dedicated Pokemon QR code Reddit thread has been set up and it includes images of codes for the likes of Hoopa and Shiny Volcanion – the latter of which is the last of the three leaked XY Pokemon with Diancie and Hoopa, but still hasn’t been confirmed as official yet.

The important thing to note is that these QR codes are hacked Pokemon and as a result, Game Freak will probably remove this method from the game in a future update.

There’s also a debate ongoing that using these QR codes to bring rare Pokemon to your game, will prevent you from placing them inside the Poke Bank – so bear that in mind.

Either way, this can be done right now without using any third-party software of any kind – so everyone is jumping on the bandwagon unsurprisingly.

Let us know if the above QR codes worked for you and whether you are ok with having ‘hacked’ Pokemon in your database.

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  • Jaden Swank

    It doesn’t seem to work on my 3ds

  • MEWTWO:lvl 100


  • MEWTWO:lvl 100

    Wait OK that how it just says the stupid thing and when go back to my Alfa saffire Its not there ME WANT HOOPA *insert meme face*

  • MEWTWO:lvl 100

    How do I pull the qr code up?


    yes lazy snorlax

  • Lazy snorlax

    Do u have to be connected to the internet to fo it in the game?

  • Tyanna Moblei

    Help me please

  • Tyanna Moblei

    Its not working on mine

  • Touka

    Why is it not working on mine?

  • Evan Bublyk

    I don’t mind if I have hacked pokemon on my game. As long as I get Hoopa and the shiny Volcanion for my Omega Ruby game.

    • Gareth Martin

      oh is that all? *rolls eyes*

  • JimBob13

    this is the lamest way to get the pokemon YOU ALL SUCK

    • BonPara

      then why are you on the page?

  • Jason

    ITS the badst qr ever

  • Jason

    He says running exploit iTS creepy

  • mehguy

    they just take me to a webpage that says running exploit. huh.

  • the mother bucker

    cant people just buy a new 2 ds or does it come with the new firmware cuz i feel kinda bad for em

  • Sydney Reid

    I wasn’t able to receive any of the pokemon from the qr codes. it keeps saying exploiting … so I don’t know what that means. but, if you updated your 2ds then it probably may not work. but, what to do if it says running exploit?

  • :)

    i dont get this

  • .dd

    but i says injecting:^)running exploit

    • Sydney Reid

      mine said the same thing and I have a Nintendo 2ds so I don’t know the issue.

  • .

    yay found out

  • booga

    how do you scan code thing

  • funnyfin

    Don’t update!!!

    • matthew maher

      don’t update what

  • Matthew

    Mine just says injecting :^) running exploit what does that mean plz help

  • Jeriah

    Pokemon Company Patched This ..

    • Matthew

      Whha does this mean

  • Doesn’t work for me, I don’t see any error note after the black page

  • Kat

    Guys I don’t get it. What do you do then it says Restart your game. Please tell me. I really want these Pokémon. Help.

    • Kat

      Can you put it in steps of what to do? Please 😀

    • Zimmy

      I did in a few less steps. I deleted the cookies n than I cleared my first box(make sure to have no pkmn in box 1) n than I hit home manu n started the camera got the code it said error I went back in the game n boom there it is was.

      • Kat

        Thanks, Zimmy. I’ll try it

      • Brian

        Does it work for
        a 2ds

  • Rachel

    My 2ds updated and it won’t work plz update these codes
    If they are could I be emailed them at nooboloob123@gmail.com

  • Marc Tanner

    The first step should be to say start up pokemon alpha sapphire and make sure the 1st spot in box 1 is clear.

  • Marc Tanner

    Whern it tells you to restart, you just click on the acknowledgement. You shouldn’t actually restart. What I do from start to finish is: 1) start Pokémon Alpha Sapphire. 2) hit the home key to see the menu. 3) Press the internet button. 4) When it starts, clear the cache and delete cookies. 5) Press Home key to exit from internet. 6) Press L + R buttons at same time to start Camera. 7) Press QR code at lower left. 8) Line up 3DS with the code on my Laptop until I get an html link on bottom shows up. 9) Select options to have the page load up on the 3DS. When it loads, you see a black screen that tells you it’s doing the code. 10) Wait for it show the error (I think that’s where you are.) Press acknowledgement. This should show you the main menu and you should still have RESUME at bottom of the screen. You press the RESUME option and go back in the game. I go to the pokiemon box 1 and see what the code put in the game. Remember this is the memory of the 3DS and not the cartridge. If I like it, I will move it to box 30/31 and either save the game or start process above back over for the next poke. Make sure to save at some point if you like what you got so it will write to the card. Otherwise, you lose what’s in there when you turn off the 3DS.

    • eli McGettigan

      I’ve done everything and it even says injecting :^) running exploit but when I go into the game the pokemon aren’t there plz help

  • Noah Reynolds

    It keeps telling me to restart my system and it wont let me, ive tried them all soneone plz help

  • Marc Tanner

    I’ve tried it 4 times so far. Got Hoopa, Mew, Yveltal, and Xerneas. Works like a charm. I have PokeSav and have used it, but this is WAY simpler. I don’t know exactly how this works, but as long as you follow the instructions, it works just fine. 10/10 for me

  • jeremy

    My codes glitched

  • Bradley

    Awsome worked hope creatot does not remove this

    • the mother bucker

      oh i am sure those copyright happy you tube flagging buzz kills known as nintendo will patch this god send sooner or later so do it while you can

  • Nicki Denise Harris

    10/10 🙂

  • tyler

    doesnt work on the new 3ds

  • no

    i r8 it 8/8 m8

  • no

    yes m8