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Gmail autocomplete fix underway

Many Gmail users have found that autocomplete is not working correctly and so they have to make certain they are sending an email to the correct person. However, you will be pleased to know that a Gmail autocomplete fix is currently underway now that Google is aware of the problem.

I personally have yet to experience this autocomplete issue, although we know other people have, and it can be a right pain, especially for those that did not double check the recipient before sending the email.

One of the main problems is that when you type the first or second letter to the person you wish to write the email to, it often chooses a person you hardly email, rather than those you send to regularly.

Gmail autocomplete fix

This could become an issue if you do not start checking, and could become embarrassing for you. It’s good that the Gmail team have finally acknowledged there is a problem, and they tend to work on an update.

We have no idea how long it will be before the Gmail autocomplete fix is released, but we will keep you informed.

Thanks to Gmail Twitter.



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