Clash of Clans update notes today with new features

By Alan Ng - Feb 24, 2015

It’s that time again for CoC players now, as we can see that the Clash of Clans servers are down today for maintenance. It’s for good reason though as a new Clash of Clans update is ready and we have the full notes for you to read through.

Supercell has introduced a vast list of new Clash of Clans features for February / March, not just the Canon level 13 either which was teased a few days ago.

The developers are also adding Clan XP to Clan Wars, Clan level perks, Clan badge editor and prestige features too. Simply put, this is a huge update and one which most of you should appreciate.


We knew there was good reason for the longer wait this time around and the new content should keep most of you busy for a good while. You may also want to know that Healers no longer trigger air traps and Clan Castle troop deployment is no longer prevented by tapping on obstacles.

As we wait for Clash of Clans maintenance to end and the servers to go back up, read through the notes above in preparation and tell us what you are most excited about.

Is this the best Clash of Clans update that you have seen for a long time? Give us your thoughts on all of the changes.

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  • Jue

    Won’t let us play without updating, but cannot update as just keep getting message “unable to connect to iTunes store” one very upset child 🙁

    • Pilg0re

      Send your child outside to play. Can’t momentarily play a game and suddenly life is so hard? Seriously.

  • Kreinhe

    Cannot update on my Android through Playstore. I cannot open game without updating but the update will not work. Let it go for an hour at one point and no progress. If I can’t get back into game its getting uninstalled.

  • Shivam

    Rubbish update! I don’t see a slim chance of this update keeping us busy even for today. Thumbs down Supercell, you disappointed me.

    • Mark

      Fantastic update. It makes clan wars more interesting from a strategy standpoint.